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Dear god I come to you with this burden. I have been in love with my son father for years, he has gotten married and moved away lord I can't help what feelings I have so I'm bringing my burden to you good and I know in the future u will do what's best for us all. If you think we need to be together lord god I am patient till you say its time, and if you do not think we should be together god give me the strength to move on. when u decide what needs to be done send me a sign. Thank you for being a mighty god! Amen

by bless and humble

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Been there done that and I know it hurts but ask yourself why you stopped being with him in the first place and if it didn't start with God then it probably wasn't what was best for u in the first place. Remember Jeremiah 29:11 God's plans are always what is best for u. Sometimes we forget the truth about our situations cause we can only remember the romantic part of it all. So take a sober look at the situation and expect something better, eventually. Wait on God and stay busy waiting. (Doing what u know to do right using your gifts and talents at your church)

Vonee | on Jan 09, 2010 his free teachings are soooo good they are miracle grow for the spirit mind and soul. There I have found many answers and knowledge that in not taught in many churches. If you want to grow strong in the Lord Jesus having full authority over every situation in life down load his free teachings. All I can is say WOW I wish I would have learned these teaching years ago.  

friend of Jesus | on Jan 09, 2010

God said to remind you that this man is in covenant and that's your sign to let go. God best for you is out there but you need healing. He have a Boaz for you. He will present options for your choosing, only after spiritual healing. Wait on the Lord and be of good courage.

Sandy | on Jan 09, 2010

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