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I need some public advice there is not an app for that so i am here on prayers 2 share. So here is my story in a nutshell. I have been working ever since I was 14 years old and I have a good work ethic. I am now 35 and unemployed. I am gonna get my taxes back next month and gonna claim bankruptcy so i can start all over. I have unemployment coming in and it is my chance 2 get my GED. I have a 11 year old boy 2 take care of and I am used 2 working and not getting money from the government. I am now forced 2. I have an opertunity 2 go 2 school get my GED but now I think I am 2 old. This school is gonna cost 24 thousand dollars and I am scared my son is not gonna get taken care of and I am scared I am 2 old and no one wants me after I get out of school. I passed the entry test above adverage and i know I will do gr8t on my GED but I have my child 2 think of. I get no child support from his dad although he owes me 40 thousand but I know I will never get it but I also know he will not have anything. I raised my son as good as I can and never thought of myself. I am so confused. Please email me and help with my decision I am going back 2 the school on Tuesday with my decision. [email hidden from spammers]

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Most cities have a literacy program that will, at no cost, provide classes for your GED. Check your local resources before you spend money for your GED. I will pray for God's will and peace in your life.

In the Potters Hand | on Jan 09, 2010

I will keep u an ur child in my prayers. You are never to old to go back to school, I'm a mother of four I work full time an go to school at nite working towards my BS in accounting. I try to keep the lord first in all decisions I make. He will provide an make a way for you physically an financially. Jus ask in his name.

Cynthia | on Jan 09, 2010

Omg I feel so bad for you

GOT JESUS? | on Jan 09, 2010

Check with your local school or city hall it should not cost thousands to get your GED. his free teachings are soooo good they are miracle grow for the spirit mind and soul. There I have found many answers and knowledge that in not taught in many churches. If you want to grow strong in the Lord Jesus having full authority over every situation in life down load his free teachings. All I can is say WOW I wish I would have learned these teaching years ago.  

friend of Jesus | on Jan 09, 2010

You can get ur ged for free....i.also started late in life with 30 and i have 3 kids and im in school....with god anything is possible

sm | on Jan 09, 2010

Your never to old for school. Go to church and be around positive people.

Sandra ( Fresno CA ) | on Jan 09, 2010

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