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Dear God,

Good morning. I am sorry for taking much of your time . I know how busy you are but i hope youre gonna read this. I wanted to pray for him . I dont know if hes experiencing burnout or something but its been straing my relationship with him. Please guide him. He is very faithful to you. I know i am just a sinner asking for a portion of your time but please give me proof and show me a sign. I dont know about the current stage of my relationship with him. But i do hope everything will work out fine between me and him.

I felt a lot alone too. I do for a long time. When i met that guy i was soooo happy and i had peace of mind knowing that he is close to you. But God please dont separate us. He has been good to me and now i am messed up becoz i feel i did a mistake. I didnt even know what he was thinking now. But whatever it is God i beg you to please enlighten him. My emotional rollercoaster is too much for him please help him carry the burdens of daily living. I know he has been struggling and i am afraid it is too much for him. But i know that as long as you are with him, he is safe.

I dont know if whats happening between us is your will or is just the work of evil trying to take the courage and certainty in our hearts. Please my Lord help me through this i do not want another heartbreak.

I sense he wasnt feeling brave now at all. I have told him things that may have hurt him but i swear to you God that i am sorry. What do you want him to be please answer his questions. He have been yearning for answers. I feel him, and wanted to be just there until he started pushing me. I feel scared.

I humbly ask that you deliver me from evil thinking and be optimistic and negative. I dont understand myself now please give me strength to face this test.

God i want to wait for him i feel like he is testing me like he always does. It is bad to wait for someone you love? Love is about sacrifices right? You died on the cross because you loved me. Help me Father i feel like ive been suffering too much. Ive had my illnesses with me and my emotions are torturing me too. Im emotionally immature. Help me underdtand everything right now i know ive been stubborn lately but i beg your mercy.

My Father, i wanted to be close to you but i feel inadequate. I am a sinnet and do not go to church every sunday. When i go to church i would go straight to your adoration room where it is very silent. There i can talk to you better .

I hope everything will work out fine so please ease my worries.

Please hear me father God. I will be waiting for your reply.

by abie

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