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Yesterday at work a job I just started in Aug I was upset cause my boss is always criticizing me. Well now she says I breath hard and to try to breath through my nose. I just pray that it gets better cause I know nothing is promised to be easy. Ive been going through a lot of testing this pass month and I'm standing firm. I want to give up and break but I know that's exactly what my enemy wants. I feel drained and want to complain but Im thankful in some sort away for the first time. I don't know why but I feel and think and God willing this will bring me to be strong physically,mentally, and emotionally. God may I continue to be thankful and never loss sight of you and your word. Please surround me with your choosen ones. God may I always keep mucous on the cross. May I make you so proud. Please help me to always fight temptation. I ask for favor in Jesus name Amen

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Hello, when did your boss started nitpicking or criticizing you about certain things beside breathing hard? What kind of job you work? You don't need tell me what and where the place is. Only God knows.

Mimi | on Sep 21, 2011

She has no right to do this to you. I would file a complaint

DB | on Sep 21, 2011

I would try talking to your boss about his/her concerns to see if there is a deeper issue...otherwise, those types of comments are not appropriate and could get the company in trouble. You should not have to deal with harassment.

Anonymous | on Sep 22, 2011

I don't blowing it out of proportion I work as a dental assistant. She said this cause I'm next her it she said your breathing out of your mouth I could hear you. It's not healthy. You need to start breathing out of your nose. But it front of the person were working on. I wouldn't care if she pulled me aside but its always correction which I am suppose to be learning but I feel like correction should be sad one on one not in front of the patient. Am I being overly senitive?

Anonymous | on Sep 22, 2011

Sorry my phone is alil off...

Anonymous | on Sep 22, 2011

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