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Lord thank you for all you do. Lord i am so confused and overwelmed with feelings for DA. I dont know what im feeling or whats he's feeling. It feels like love i think! It has been so long since ive been in love or in a relationship i dont know what im feling. One minute he says he doesnt want a relationship then the next minute hes talking about being in a relationship with me. Most of his actions support that he's interested in being in a relationship and then he does something that confuses me. Lord you know i dont do well with my own feelings and trying to manage them. Yes i know i like him, i enjoy spending time with him, Lord i have never felt the connection with anyone else that i feel with him. Its like i cant get close enough to him. I feel secure and like i can accomplish anything with him. I know he doesnt complete me. I know that with u lord i am complete. But i feel like he is everything i have prayed about in a mate minus the 20 year age difference. I need to know what it is he is feeling and what his intentions are. I dont want 2 keep playing on the merry go round of felings if he has no intentions of us having a future together. Better yet Lord what are your intentons for us. Lord u know he wants kids and i am satisfied with my 16 year old. I do not want 2 start over. I know I keep trying to be still and listen but im starting to think something is wrong with my hearing. Lord please give me a clear sign to help me understand where our "relationship" is going or not going. I need some serious insight. I know i tend to over analyze things in my life. Thank lord for listening to me. In jesus name i pray amen

by kt03

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Amen. I feel I am going through the same thing, but I acted out in fear and hurt feelings and think I've lost him for good.

I am praying for you.

Anonymous | on Sep 15, 2011

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