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Dear heavenly Father, thank you for this day which you have made! Thank you that you brought the sun up, that you put oxygen in my lungs and that you have been sustaining and providing me with the food, rest and strength that I need to get through the day. Thank you Lord God that you are soveriegn, that you know all things, and that you are always giving good gifts to your children. Thank you that you know what's best and that you have a plan. Thank you that you had your hand on me all today, starting at 1:30am! Thank you that you provided me with your patience, gentleness and kindness today at work with the kids and I thank you that overall they were a joy to care for. Thank you for your great mercy, for your amazing love and compassion and most of all for Jesus! Thank you that I am saved by grace through faith and that it's in Jesus alone that I may know you, serve you and love you. Thank you soo much that you sent your one and only son that I may know your name! Thank you that you have forgiven me through the Lord Jesus and that you live in me and are working through me to change, mould and transform me to be more like you! What a privilege and an honor! I pray that I would spend as much time with you in your word, listening and in prayer, trusting you - for I know that you will grow me in your holiness and all your goodness. Lord God I thank you for the powerful words you spoke through John Lennox and John Piper last week, I thank you for how challenged and encouraged and convicted I was to live more for you! I pray that you would put it on my heart, that I mat seek your kingdom first and that I would fall more in love with you each day! Thank you soo much for your word which is powerful and truth and saves! Thank you for the gospels where we get to know Jesus and your character. Thank you for Jesus' amazing example - I pray that I would be taking up my cross each day to follow Him in obedience just as He does! Please help me to be making choices and giving things up for the sake of your name. Please be helping me to know how to use all that you have blessed me with for the glory of your name and not my own. Lord God I pray that you would control my time, efforts, money, sleep, work, play, family, friends, boyfriend, study and all my things - all of which you have so generously gifted me with. But I thank you most of all for the Holy Spirit who lives and works in me, praying when I don't and teaching me your ways and to see things with your perspective. Lord God, my rock and my redeemer - please forgive me for being such a fool, for not treating you as you deserve. I'm sorry that I haven't been coming to your word for guidance as often as I should/need and that I haven't been bringing my worries to you and trusting you with all things! Please change and mould my heart that I may come to you as my first port of call, and that I would truly love and desire to spend time with you in your holy word and in prayer. Thank you for the privilege to spend time in prayer and your word anytime and not to be persecuted. Please be with those who suffer for your name. Please provide comfort, love, strength, your guiding word and songs of praise to your children! Please be their rock and their redeemer for your matyrs and their families. Please also be with those who are trying escape corrupt and dangerous countries and people and those who need basic needs like food, water, shelter and medical treatment. Please be working in the hearts of those who have money, that they would be generous with the money you have blessed them with. Thank you Lord God that you are faithful and that you listen to my prayers and only act according to your holy will. Thank you for all the amazing promises you have made and that you keep them! Amen.

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