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Thank you Lord for all of the prayers that i have recieved. Please bless everyone who has prayed for me and everyone here who is seeking you. Please show them your love, guidence and presence in their lives. Please answer their prayers Father God if it is in your will and if it is not please open the doors for something better. I know you can perform miracles God and i have been so lucky to recieve your blessings time and time again. Without your love and blessings God, i would not be alive. I know you have great plans for me Lord. Thank you for helping me and giving me strenghth when i was at my worst. Please help others who are going through a difficult time and show them you are there as their Father and that they dont need to worry because you will provide for them. please dont ever let me forget all of the amazing things that you have provided for me. Please help me to help others whenever i can. Thank you Lord for letting me be ALIVE at this moment, for my family, animals, education and home. Please tell grandma that i am sorry i wasnt what she wanted me to be and please just let her know that it is my lifes goal to live in her home and someday have a happy family. Sometimes i feel guilty Lord. I know she was old but i feel as if her death saved my life. I know i was on the wrong path, depressed and miserable and i honestly saw no hope. Now i am living in her beautiful house and going to school again to follow my lifes passion. My lifes dream is someday have a happy and healthy family. The one she didnt have. I know it must have been so hard for her to lose her husband, son and daughter one after another from their addictions and by suicide. I want to break the cycle Lord. Please help me to stay strong and focused. Please let her forgive me as she only saw me at my worst and even though i told her many times that i loved her and she only said it back once, please let her know that i understand and i know she loved me, she was probabley so scared that i would end up like her own children. Her final words hurt me deeply lord but i know she was medicated. Please help me let that go and focus on the other times we shared that were good. Thank you Lord, in jesus name. Amen.

by cori

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I just want to say ur prayer gives me hope I was feeling a little depress but after reading ur prayer its given my hope thank u in jesues name amen

nikki | on Jan 06, 2010

Thank you. I pray for you too.

Anonymous | on Jan 07, 2010

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