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dear God, tonight I pray to say thank you for finally giving me a place to share my prayers. I don't do it often, if at all but I think about it constantly. today has been a day. its been a tough week. I'm tired of feeling alone and like I am the only one in the world who doesn't have someone to call theirs. Im longing for that relationship I've always dreamed of. I know you have that one man out there for me and when I find him I will know, and that's what everyone keeps telling me but I'm running out of patience. I'm starting to feel frustrated. I've been alone all 21 years of my life. I know this is not how I'm meant to feel the rest of my life. I know you have a plan but its beginning to make me anxious and even though I just feel like I'm growing closer to you, it makes me angry at you and I don't want to feel that way. I pray pray pray you calm my emotions and bless me with more patience. I am blessed with so much already, although I may not see it 5 out of 7 days. I'm tired of not being good enough for myself and feeling like I'm not good enough for anyone else. even my own parents and friends. help me Lord. I need you.

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Be patient believe me love urself first before you love anyone else god has sumone out there for you the best thing to do is to continue praying don't loose faith! day God will help you find the perfect man for you its tough to be in a relationship and its tough not being in one :( but continue being strong and faithful to god he only wants the best for you and with you praying is a huge step you take one step towards him he'll take two steps towArds you! Focus on urself first and ur happiness and and soon all u are going thru will make sense to you and prepare you for your future :) GOD BLESS U UR IN MY PRAYERS!

ibelieveinGOD | on Aug 09, 2011

Focus on your walk and relationship with God in the meantime. The word says that when you are married your full focus tends to stray from God. That is very true. Get as strong as you can now so that when God does provide you with someone, you will be able to weather the storms that will come and not lose focus on Him. Take it from experience. God bless you!

God Sows | on Aug 09, 2011

Hi , I have been in your shoes just please be strong , the lord has someone just for you. I will pray for tonight .

Desiree\' Amiee | on Aug 09, 2011

I agree with you both. It is actually a way to turn a negative into a positive because you do not have to worry about the ups and downs of a relationship and having to learn to love yourself WHILE learning to love someone else. I have come to realize that the time you are "alone", you are not lonely because it is your time to get closer to God and closer to finding yourself. It is true that you can't begin to love someone else until you love yourself. I pray God send you your someone who loves you as much as or even more than you love yourself. #Amen

*BelieveR* | on Aug 09, 2011

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