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dear god,please please help me.i spent my life being nonchalant bout others,if u hurt me,i burned that bridge.i became a mom 5 years ago and have been living for my kids drama.just raising my kids.i have a moody 5year old,a 2yr old thats chronically sick now and a son that died during labor suing the hospital but they are trying to divert from the fact they were fiance's family keeps trying2 get him to make up with his ex and leave me and the kids.and our business has been promised support and investment but it hasnt come through.and my parents believe all they hear even though i dont go out and i only talk to my feeling overwhelmed and hopeless

by unlucky

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I know that you have it bad. I have never, in my life, felt what you have.
But I know for a fact that someone does. His name is Jesus.

You may feel hopeless and unlucky, and you have every right to. But I am asking you, before you think any other thought; before you worry one more worry, please give it ALL to God.

Bad things happen to good people. I know this. God completely understands. And He allows us to be freed from the pain of this world by taking on His.

You may have done so already, but please, if you haven't, give your life to Christ. All worrying and fears you have can be given with it.

He loves and understands you beyond all reasoning.

Please, call this prayer number. If it doesn't work, please tell me:

John 16:33 | on Aug 06, 2011

And for faith increasing, please google the 700 club testimonies.

John 16:33 | on Aug 06, 2011

From another user:

I know you are going through a tough time right now, but the devil is tempting you right now to give in. Jesus is always watching. If you stay strong,
Jesus will bless you for not giving up faith. He wants to always keep you safe. Just trust Him

John 16:33 | on Aug 06, 2011

Please don't allow Satan to distract you, keep your eyes on God and he will do the rest, just don't give up!

live4him | on Aug 06, 2011

thank u guys for the input.woke now with swollen bloodshot eyes from all the crying.its really hard..

unlucky | on Aug 06, 2011

The truth always comes out.

richard wilson | on Aug 06, 2011

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