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Lord, my spirit, my soul, my family, my finances, my stablity,my children are under attack but I know you are a good God, you are an awesome God... Lord, I feel as if I lost my way I allowed myself to get comfortable with the ways of my flesh the ways of the world,the money, my relationship, and I stepped away from you. Lord, I am standing up today confessing my sins asking you to forgive me, forgive me of my ****, forgive me of waviaring faith, forgive me for it all... I ask that you please give me the strength to stand up and pick up my armor and fight this war..... Please Jesus clear my mind to all that preoccupies my thoughts my worries about a car, my anger towards grant and his family, my brothers troubles, my relationship with John, I give it all to you asking that you take my burdens from me, please search my soul, search my thoughts my heart and create in me a new woman, a new mom show me anything that may blocking my veiw of you anything that maybe blocking my blessings and take it away from me, please break down the strong holds that I have allowed to come into my life, please help me not to be afraid to talk to you about it all thats on my heart and allow your will to be done, im unsure of so many things and I need your guideance, I need your direction please speak to my heart and soul this morning Lord,cleanse me fill me with your spirit take away the doubts I have seen u move I have heard your voice I have felt your presence and I need you to show up in my life and the life of my children. Lord, getting Tyyon to school is my biggest worry right now, I need a dependable vehicle right now please bless me Lord, please show me what to do with the relationship with John if its in our best interest to let this go please remove him from my life peacefully, help me not to be afraid help me not compromise with the enemy, but to stay in prayer and communication with you about it all give me the strength to be the woman you know I am deep down remove from the bondage that I have placed myself in, that I have allowed satan to trap me in... Jesus lift me out of these chains annoit me Lord, help me fight, help me to stay diligent, help me to stay focused lead me father I ask that you deliver me from the hands of the enemy and deliver the many believers that are lost, that are losing faith, that hurting please bless us with your presence in the mist of our trials we dont know how or when but we know you are coming for us we know that it will not be like this always, please give us peace today allow our souls to rest in your arms protect us from the enemy and his army. Help us to regroup in your name in your word, in your promises help us to be cleansed and to fight the good fight... Jesus stand with me on my journey being mindful of the devil but keeping faith in your will for me Jesus I beg of you these things in your mighty mighty name praying with expectancy Amen,Amen,and Amen

by Joyful2knowhim

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