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Papa Yu know hw yu have given me the motive and drive to study really hard. Ive noticed that my grades been going up by 12's . Thank Yu this means alot. I have one more thing to ask of Yu now that my grades and progess are settling. I have a weight problem I had the lap band done bt bcuz of my weakness (food n sweets) I havent been very successful. Help me not be hard on myself bt work very hard to get this weight off. Im mostly bugged by it bcuz ___________. & ___________. Papa help me guide me. Help me be more confident. & love myself. I deff respect myself bt when it comes to food I can be a big time glutton. I pray that this month Yu will work supernatually. Give me the desire, drive, motivation, whtever else I neeed to get up in the mornings and hit the gym up. And do it at night too. Yu know i have the time. Give me the motivation to do this. Also give me the confidence to step out of my apt to go to church (bcuz of the summer I havent been going), lifegroup (i have been lazy all around) I been okey with goin to IM. Help me Papa help me be productive all around. Church, school, and my weight. In Jesus name. Amen.

by Give Me Your Eyes.

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I am having a problem with the same thing ! Im praying your same prayer.. Be blessed

Classy F | on Aug 03, 2011

I pray Jesus will give yu the motivation yu need to do what yu have to do to be healthy & feel confident. In Jesus precious name. Amen. (:

Give Me Your Eyes. | on Aug 03, 2011

I pray bro that someone will come along side of u, to support & encourage u, ur not alone ok...we're prayin 4 u

Relevant Ministry | on Aug 03, 2011

That encourage word (person) is very much needed. Thank yu so much for praying that for me. Sincerely thankful. (:

Give Me Your Eyes. | on Aug 03, 2011

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