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Good Morn'n. My prayer is dat we as Christians learn to read da bible our selves & let da Holy Ghost teach us instead of falling prey to dis Christian lingo of thinking. Jesus has so much in store for u. We have this dead way of thinking & its because of preachers & teachers who's heart is set on money & gain. But I was taught dat Jesus has all power & I'm crazy enough to believe dat if He lives in me den I have wat He has. Jesus always told da folk He healed & set free dat it be done unto dem according to their faith. So if ur faith is little & Satan keeps u thinking wat ever happens happen cause it must be Gods will. Jesus said He came to save dat which is lost. So I ask u today wat is da that in ur life which is lost; ur health, mind, family, job, soul, spirit, wats lost because wat ever it is Jesus Himself said He came to save it. Hallelujah Glory be to God!!! Christ Jesus is alive & well! Se'lah

by Street Pastor

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Preach it brother! You are right on by saying that the Holy Spirit will teach us all things, but let me add that there are sincere believers from whom I have learned, too, but only because the Holy Spirit has been showing them. And that is why fellowship with others is so important. Sadly, I have seen that what you say about many pastors is right on, although there are some misguided but sincere people among them. I guess in the end we will all be judged--ouch! Blessings on your walk.

jim | on Aug 03, 2011

I feel u Jim may "our" Lord & Savior Jesus Christ bless u & ur family richly & every prayer that leaves ur mouth be a sweet smelling savor in His nostrils & a sweet melody to His ears.

Street Pastor | on Aug 03, 2011

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