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Is it just me or does anyone else ever have that feeling of u always screw up or always fall short and so u ask god to forgive u and also to lead u guide u and give u away out but u either keep messing up cause u didn't take wat god offered or were to dumb to see that he gave u away out and it is right there?
Lord I just pray that u would open my eyes to the path that u have for me and the eyes of many others who feel the same. In Jesus name Amen.
And please comment if u feel like I do cause it means alot to me I feel so well idk lost and like such a screw up.

by Chris

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I know exactly how u feel

FORGIVE ME FOR MY SINS | on Aug 02, 2011

Yeah, and it's no fun. :(

ashley. | on Aug 02, 2011

I know how u feel especially more in recent days but we have to remember our heavenly father won't give us more than we can bare hang in there Chris your not alone we are al fighting constant battles

myra | on Aug 02, 2011

I feel like you but we have to open our eyes and stay in the word. Do you belive!! I beliive!!. Trust in his Holey Name. Amen!!!! He love us!

i need a prayer but i no i am going to make it | on Aug 02, 2011

Very sailed in the same boat .. But no matter what happens .. He s always there for us..

shine | on Aug 02, 2011

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