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The summer has affected my self-esteem to the max. To the point where im emotionally eating bcuz its gives me some type of comfort and I can do it in the privacy of my own home. :'( I has gotten so bad I havent been to church since it started becoming hotter & hotter. I would say maybe Easter when I saw ppl dress in dresses. Lord help me love myself (I deff respect myself). Help me lose this weight bcuz God Yu know hw much it has affected my entire lifestyle. In Jesus name. Amen.

by Give Me Your Eyes.

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Same thing happens to me, my children wanted a bunny, and I bought 2, one for each of my 7 and 5 years old. I used to eat lots of junk. But, thanks that I follow this little Lords criatures eating habits. Now, I can eat all what I want without this to cause me any harm. I'll pray for you and I wish you can make a little stronger effort so can fell better to your self. God bless you.

Anonymous | on Aug 02, 2011

Thank yu for ur prayer. I know for sure that if God intervens my eating habits will become like a 6 yr old. They only eat when hungry and stop when they have had enough. (:

Give Me Your Eyes. | on Aug 03, 2011

How are you doing so far? Hopefully you are in way better shape since I haven't hear from you for a while, praying is wonderful, feeds, energizes and brings lights.

Jesse | on Oct 19, 2011

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