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I would like to do something different,I feel like I want to pray for some of your needs individually,so whoever feels like it,please comment on this and share with me,something you'd like me to personally pray for! Thanks & God bless! (-;

by ~HolinessGirl~

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Holiness Girl, I think it is great what you want to do. My name is Danielle & you can pray for my husband Andrew to get a job & for our finances. And if you need prayer or someone to talk to you can email me at [email hidden from spammers] & you can email me anytime, anyday, no matter the hour. I'am always here. Thank you for praying for me.
God Bless You,

D[email hidden from spammers] | on Aug 02, 2011

Well thanks! And I did pray for your situation! God will move if y'all will hold to his hand.(-:

~HolinessGirl~ | on Aug 02, 2011

Hi pleasr pray for me I want to make a diffrence for God, I want to do what he wants me to do. Also please left a prayer for my family my husband to excrpt jesus in his hard, I want to prace God with my whole family. Im sorry I have lots of needs, plrase pray for my house er love our house dont want to loose it, but in humans eyes it unpossible for us to keep it, but I know God said said whats inpossible for people for God is everything possible thats how I live everyday.
And for my other family, my mom brother they all looks like hate each other mad at each other talk bad to each other fighting.
I feel sometimes I dont want to be on this earth only Gods keeps me still here and my kids. But its so hard.
Please lift up a prayet for me and if you can everyday.

My email is [email hidden from spammers]. Write to me if any question or jusy advice or support

Anonymous | on Aug 02, 2011

God sees your needs! If you will be faithful and devote yourself to him,he'll help you out of ANY situation. He said he'd never see the righteouss forsaken!

~HolinessGirl~ | on Aug 02, 2011

Thank you my dear.

Anonymous | on Aug 03, 2011

Your very welcome!

~HolinessGirl~ | on Aug 03, 2011

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