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Lord, I don't know if I'm strong enough to stay and work on my marriage. I don't trust my husband and its hard being with someone who you can't trust and he is the one that suppose to protect me from others and treat me like a queen but instead he has broke my heart. Not to mention he has a child with someone else before we got married and I didn't know how hard it would be to have to have her apart of our lives forever. I'm so lost and confused. Lord I'm begging for your help immediately. Please heal my heart. Calm my pain and emotions. I'm so skeptical about everything he does and I'm going to drive myself crazy. And him going to work makes me sick cause she still works there and him switching shifts is not calming my anxiety. But I am grateful he has a job. And maybe the shift change is of your will I just don't know. When am I going to have that perfect love that cast out fears. I'm married, an affair is suppose to be the last thing I have to worry about. Jesus what am I to do? I know you told me to stay with him just be patient, what am I to do in the meanwhile, while I'm waiting on your perfect timing? I'm staying out of obedience to you, for my children, and because I do still love my husband. I'm just hurt. Guide me Jesus. I need your peace and joy. In Jesus name. Amen

by Eagerly Learning

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I too walk in your shoes. Just keep praying. It helps.

yorkie | on Aug 01, 2011

I walk in your shoes also but its my wife that has abandoned me. Hang in there and talk to him about your fears. Communicate and compromise. Dont leave him. I was totally blindsided by her leaving me and splitting our family. I thought I was a great dad ive raised her son from a previous since he was 2 now 12....i work a good state job, I help with all the chores and im there for our kids plus I adored her and treated her like a queen. Pray for me as I do you... stay strong and true to your commitment to him!

LovingDad | on Aug 01, 2011

Ask god to restore your love and happiness! Hang in there! Do not give up! God hates divorce and wants us to remain a covenant for life! He can move mountains! Trust your lord!!

Anonymous | on Aug 01, 2011

Dear sister,
I'm sorry that you are in so much agony.
My heart sank as I read you prayers.
I understand your pain, but I can't help you to eliminate any of these feeling that you are going through.
You know my prayers are not answer yet. And it is becoming clearer that my hubby is not coming back. BUT, don't give up. I think our heart has to be still for us to receive the blessing from God. We might not know what is God plan, but we can be certain that our tmr will be better than today. I have been praying for a miracle, not just for my marriage, but yours and many others. Let us continue to PUSH, let us continue to knock at God's door and seek Him to answer our prayers. There is no need to double guess your hubby heart, as you can't control it anyway, instead spend time controlling you heart and mind. Keep it positive and Godly. I'm sure, faith and grace of God will see us through our trials. Amen.

HAJ | on Aug 01, 2011

I understand your pain. Its so hard to forgive someone, especially who betray you. But God definitely is on your side. He does that for a purpose, for a big plan which you will glorify His name later and testimony your miracle. Also, your marriage was proved by God. God will protect it. So please dt give up. I will pray for you, HAJ, gid sows and other ppl' marriage. Let us praise God and please His will. God can everything possible. In Jesus' name. Amen!

alice | on Aug 01, 2011

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