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Lord, I'm pretty much at the point of giving up on tryin to find the "perfect job". I've searched, applied, researched, interviewed, ect... there's no success. No success in two years of trying. I don't get it, I've prayed and asked for your help, guidence, intervention but I'm still here and I don't even know why. I don't feel like I am doing any good and this job requires me to work on the sabbath yet I'm still here. This perfect job only requires not working on the sabbath and allowing me to go to school so that I can better myself. I want to qualify myself to be able to save lives. I can't sit in an office all day. Lord I want nothing more than to be provided with the oportunity to better myself so that I can spend my life serving you, being your instrument. Why won't you help me get there? I want you to be involved in all aspects of my life rather than a certian time of the day. I'm starting to feel like you won't let me get there. But it doesn't make sense because I know you want that too. So I'm pretty much at the end of my rope because I can't keep sitting still. I have filled out my application for the army, I can learn all of the skills that ill need to help and save lives there. Then I can move on after serving my time and hopefully apply those skills to missionary work. This is the only option that makes me feel like I'm doing something good. If you have a better plan, lord don't keep it secret for much longer, I'm begging you to put me where I need to be. I don't want to stand still but stand up for you lord. I don't know if I'm making the right choice. Please forgive me for my falling short. Deliver me lord and provide for me a way to honor your commandments. In jesus name, amen

by Making God number one <3

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Today at church I learn on how people ask there prayers to god, and the paster said, you can ask him a million times for the same thing, bt you gotta make sure uou do it wit your heart.. Dont think jesus hasn't herd your prayers , he has answer them but in his own way, dont give up pray again, and this time pray with your heart. God bless you

Jaime | on Jul 31, 2011

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