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Jesus as I lay down to sleep, Jesus please watch over and Bless my Son, Daughter, Husband, My Marriage, Parents, Family, Nephew, Friends, Inmates, My Dreams, My Health and Me.
Jesus please heal all in pain, suffering, drug addicts, alcoholics, depression, anxiety, broken hearts and all illness
Jesus please liberate my love ones and I from all harm, evil, danger divorce, sickness, violence, anger, sadness, fights, substance abuse, alcoholism, abuse, negativity and temptation.
Jesus please keep us safe, close to you always and cover us with your Blessing Blood.
Jesus please place you Blessing Hands over my children Jesus please help me with my marriage, I want to feel loved, respected and happy. Jesus please place your hand over my marriage, husband is not here with me. Jesus protect my Nephew. Jesus I rebuke all bad dreams in your name Jesus. In Jesus name I pray Amen. Thank You and I love you Jesus Always Amen.

by Faithly

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You are carrying an awfully heavy load, as Job did, but He is able to deliver you, as He did Job, and His grace is sufficient.

It may seem as if YHVH is ignoring you, and it may seem as if you will never be brought out of your circumstances. It may seem that way, but remember that He sees His people. Your cry reaches Him, and He takes note of your every need.

It may seem as if myriads of lightning flashes are attacking you on every side. Yet in the midst of life's salvos He provides protection as your physical lightning rod. He grounds you and provides a covering of peace as He routinely lights your path in the darkest of times. Let those awful storms come! He will be there with you invthe sprats of storms.

jim | on Aug 01, 2011


Faithly | on Aug 01, 2011

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