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God it is so hard for me to depend on You to handle everything that's going on in my loveless marriage. I want out so bad I just don't know what to do right now. I'm suffering mentally and emotionally. My husband has put me through so much that I'm tired of holding on when I was 7 months pregnant he called the police on me after he had been going from our home for several says. I went through almost my whole pregnancy alone because he was doing his own thing which I think included cheating. I had a c section I basically went through the pain with hardly no help from I'm going through postpartum depression right now he wants a divorce from he has went out and told some of family, a friend and some is family members that he is miserable with me and that I'm a very negative person. It hurts so bad because I have stuck by him through so much even after four years me finding out he had gave my daughter a blood test behind my back Lord I can go on and on about all of the drama I have been through with him. I honestly need prayer so I can get closer to God so that I can hear Him and be patient with Him so I can know what to do with this marriage after one and a half year I want to give up and move so that my children and I can be happy. Ahhhh Lord I need You so bad until it hurts. I want to smile again....


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Oh Lord please intervene in this situation give her clarity, and peace give her children peace, she is yo child, and we plead the blood of Jesus on and in her home, Lord speak don't let her and her kids spend all these yrs unhappy, mend her heart, and heal her pain n Jesus name Amen

grateful*n*ohio | on Jul 30, 2011


MY FAITH IS IN YOU.. | on Jul 30, 2011

This brought tears to my eyes, follow your heart, n pray on it..

Anonymous | on Jul 30, 2011

God does not support divorce under any circumstances. Do not follow your heart, lead it. You heart can be deceived. Follow God. His word is against divorce. Forgive your husband and pray for him. God does change people, no matter how bad they have been. Do not be deceived by well meaning people. The word of God is clear. Divorce will not bring you happiness, only God does. Remain in Him, be an example of Christ by forgiving and loving unconditionally. He will work on your behalf. Trust Him. God is all about forgiveness, transformation, and restoration.

God Sows | on Jul 30, 2011

The word of God says u can divorce for adultery. And since your his child he loves u and won't hold it against u. He forgives us for marrying out of his will, I'm sure he will forgive u for getting out or what ever u have to do for u and yo children, he love u no matter what

grateful*n*ohio | on Jul 30, 2011

His love is forever, but you MUST forgive to be forgiven. If you want to be forgiven of your adultery against God, forgive adultery against you. To anyone who seeks to give advice, please use wisdom and the word of God, not just what you feel. Rightly divide the word of God please. Hes does not allow divorce in cases of adultery during marriage, only during the Jewish betrothal period. Giving unsound advice is dangerous. I pray for your understanding of the word.

God Sows | on Jul 31, 2011

This was also heavy on my heart: be careful to tell someone that its ok to sin because God love you and "won't hold it against you". We are all God's children and he loves all of us, and yes he forgives our sins, but there are always consequences for sin. "Should I abide in sin so that grace may abound? By no means!" I want to encourage you to stay away from sin and avoid its consequences. Also be careful to imply that you can make decisions outside the will of God. They may not be righteous or wise decisions, but they are all in His will. A leaf does not fall from a tree if its not in the will of God. God is ALL POWERFUL and ALL KNOWING. Please be careful with that line of though. Again, use the wisdom of God and His word when giving advice. I know none of us mean wrong, but we can cause a lot of trouble for us and others if we speak out of our own knowledge and understanding.

God Sows | on Jul 31, 2011

If you want to know more about what the word says about marriage, divorce, remarriage, and His forgiveness/grace in this subject, please reach out to me. I don't want to keep flooding your comments. I just don't want to see anyone make an uninformed decision that will have negative consequences. You are all in my prayers and nothing I said was personal. God bless you all.

God Sows | on Jul 31, 2011

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