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I am new to this app, I saw on the droid market, reason I downloaded is because I fell away from chutch when I was 6 im now 23 I have gotten a bible and started my life over with my kids but eberytime I get further in the bible the more thing satan throws my way... Im not a baseball player so satan stop throwing me curve balls. I knoe you love me lord and its to you lord I turn when in pain happyness or sorrow, I pray you keep me strong oh god I need you like I always did and always will. Amen. Your child holly.

by Blessed and loved

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Stay strong. Lord, bless him with an outflowing of your grace. Hold him strongly away from all the temptation of Satan.
And remember Romans 8:28

John 16:33 | on Jul 29, 2011

Stay strong. Satan will do whatever he can to keep you away from the Lord all you have to do is keep your faith. We as humans are far from perfect but if ur heart is set on God I believe the devil can try but will not take your faith and trust that you have for God away

iadoreLord | on Jul 29, 2011

Keep going in your walk with God. Satan isn't worrying you as much as you are bothering him by your faith and strength. Tell the little worm to buzz off. He only has the authority we allow him! You're doing it right. He's the one to be upset. Scare him - read him some verses out loud from your bible. It always works
Oh and welcome.

Joan UK | on Jul 29, 2011

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