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I give up on God. I cry and cry and cry out to Him, trying to revoke and not do any sinful things, but my life, and my family's life, gets progressively worse. I feel like my performance is the determining factor for my family's happiness, and since I'm not perfect God's just gleefully making our lives MISERABLE.

He's not there for my mom, grandmother, uncle, brother, or me. We cry and cry out to Him but get met with silence. And trying to follow Him only gets me attack after attack from the devil with no relief from God.

Now that I'm giving up... the attacks have stopped! I tried so hard to follow God, but He continually ignores my cries and my family's cries, and there's no godlier woman than my grandmother. We don't deserve this. I don't even care if it's some fangled "test." Leaving the determining outcome of the test all up to me? That's just cruel and impossible.

I just want my family to experience massive healing and peace. But God hates us- yes... HATES us- so I don't know what to do. Because I see NO POINT in having a relationship with God where the ONLY time He's around is when I mess up in order to punish me and my family. That's vindictive... and unfairly cruel.

So I quit. God hates me so He certainly won't be coming after this lost sheep. I just hope you guys have a better time with God than I did. I wanted to follow Him... so much. But He's made it clear He DOES NOT want me around. Neither does the rest of the world. I'm an unwanted, unloved piece of uselessness.

Good luck to you all. And may God TRULY bless you.

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Your blaming God Why? Because you feel that your crying out to him & you feel he is bot there for you. God will never leave you nor forsake you. We don't always get our answers right away, but it does not mean that God does not care & or love us. God answers in his good timing not ours. But if you are blaming God then how do you expect to receive what you want from him? You need to trust & have faith in him. My husband & I have been through hell & we have lost a lot recently, but it does not mean that God does not care. God loves us all & things do happen, but we can't give up on God or blame him. Satan is the one we need to blame. Satan will try & destroy the lives of those who believe in God. He wants us Christians to move away from God & to follow his ways which is not what God wants for us. You need to know that God is with. You. HE WILL NEVER LEAVE NOR FORSAKE YOU. JESUS IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, & THE LIFE. He is there. Don't give up on God for God will never give up on you. My name is Danielle & if you need prayer or need someone to talk to i'am always here for you & you can email me at [email hidden from spammers] & you can email me anytime, anyday, no matter the hour. So sorry I came on strong but God is not to blame. Your in my prayers. God bless you.
In Christ Jesus,

Anonymous | on Jul 29, 2011

Oh my dear i' m really sorry about that. i had similar moments that i was a rebellious to God because my answers didn't come. But you know the more you will hate Him the more pain will great coz evils are glad of our lost they 're in a hurry to dissuade you from God's followship. I will daily pray for you promise 'cause God could raise me up from this disappointment of Him, WHY NOT YOU???

Anonymous | on Jul 29, 2011

This breaks my heart, but I can understand. There have been times that I felt like giving up because these past few years have been awful. I didn't. I prayed and prayed GOD gave me strength. Everyday I'd wake up think GOD please let this be the day for a miracle I just can't take another day, but by the grace of GOD I survived that day and many others. You have to remember GOD is not like a drive through where you place your order and it comes out at the next window. GOD hears all and answers prayers in his time and way. We may not always understand hi plan, but he's there for us. Maybe GOD wants you closer to him? That's why all these trials are coming your way. Don't lose faith and let Satan win. Lean on GOD. Trust GOD and P.U.S.H..... Pray until something happens. GOD bless you friend. I'm praying for you!!!

faithful in Ca | on Jul 29, 2011

God never forsake us, continue to focus on your relationship with God.

Siew Yin | on Jul 29, 2011

Don't give up. There is always a light at the end of a tunnel. Please don't loose your faith. God loves you.

angelswhisper | on Jul 29, 2011

Do you not no why the attacks have stopped because its not God who hates you its Satan and if its him that lies to you and makes you feel bad You need the protection of truly knowing God and it is written oppose the devil and He will flee you need to learn how to do this every time you. Come under attack you must be a real threat to Satan or he wouldn't be bothering you so much so pray read your bible join a sturdy class and realty get to.know your savior. I am praying for you

June Lancashire uk | on Jul 29, 2011

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