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:'( us your glory. We need revival in our souls...

by Shekinah™

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My phone got messed up so you have to add me on your follower list again...thanks

Eagerly Learning | on Jul 29, 2011

You said it so you got it. Jesus is faithful

Joan UK | on Jul 29, 2011

EagerlyL: Gotcha sis! Did you save a backup of your prayers? (export to server)

Shekinah™ | on Jul 29, 2011

We call upon You. You r our almighty God. You can make everything possible. Please answer our prayers. Please let us glorify and honor Your name. In Jesus' name. Amen!

alice | on Jul 29, 2011

I did for the first couple of ones not the last ones, but I will be writing more soon as I get some time to sit down and think. How are you?

Eagerly Learning | on Jul 29, 2011

EagerlyL: To be honest, I'm trying my best to be always OK, but I'm fine :). ...You know, i was thinking, Our needs are totally different, but we are serving and waiting and praying and expecting a miracle from the same God, one and only God Almighty... Sis, did you know that in all my life with Christ i have never prayed or felt such a burden for troubled marriages? No, never. Even with the fact that my own parents got divorced years ago because of a troubled marriage, even with this, never in my selfish prayers would i think about marriages that are being destroyed ((or maybe once or twice but in group prayers at church)) But still. It wasn't until once that i had a sleepless night and was searching the Android Market for any christian apps and found this marvelous one! I was amazed when i began to read the prayers sent, wow! And i specifically began to read your prayers, i went thru them all, lol and i was like WOW!!!! What a strong woman of God. My first tag name was It Is Well With My Soul, :P .... So from then my heart aches for troubled marriages. I began to realize how many people are hurting because of this. In fact, is one of THE MOST common prayer requests sent in here. Incredible. I have cried like no ever over this while reading you and a few more ppl that i follow specifically because of this. I constantly pray for you EagerlyL, and like i once told you, I might not have the correct and perfect words to give you an advice or encouragement. I have not experienced marriage yet and all i know about it is what Ive seen from others or read in books. But what i am truly sure about is in the power of prayer, the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective God knows my heart and that I pour it out to you all while praying.... I'm telling you Sister, God is going to do something so powerful in your life, and this i write with fear and trembling for i know it is not any kind of saying, but its a saying from God. I'm sorry Ive written too much, maybe more than what you were expecting. I am praying for you, Stay blessed and strong in Christ :)

Shekinah™ | on Jul 29, 2011

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