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When a door is close,
You will open more doors for us right?

Please Jesus, please tell me directly what You want me to do with my marriage.


by HAJ

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Read 1 Cor 7, Eccl 4:9-12
Be patient & stand on God's word
Testify Thr-As a housewife I'd hear ppl say I got it good & dey wanna switch. Take up UR cross & follow me. I've bn guided here & there. I had 2 go 2 God bout many spirits I encountered & I thank Him 4 the experience. I committed adultery but if it wasn't 4 that I cldnt tell u how good God is-I'm TRULY delivered. My prayer life is wonderful! My kids love God, 2 watch them grow in2 the things of God -beautiful. I do have it "good" it wasn't always this way; now I TRUST GOD & choose 2 follow Him!! He turned this "ho" in2 a housewife!!!...He's able.

Tammi | on Jul 28, 2011

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