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Can't do this life lord my job is in jeopardy can't pay bills rent behind 2 months have no one in this mean world you promised you would help I am praying wrong I am so lost want to give up please help me please


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Annette please don't give up he hears you and believe me he is working on you. Be strong and do what you are doing right now PRAY!

Anonymous | on Jul 28, 2011

I am praying real hard thanks for the encouragement sometimes I feel so lost & get so tired

ANNETTE | on Jul 28, 2011

Annette, god hears you, god sees you, for he is in you and knows everything. Do not loose faith for he is in you and you are in him. And we are one body united. Stronger than the world. Let the Holy Spirit be with you. If you cannot control your worries it pain, dump them in a bucket that says, God, and send them right on up to him. For he is your father and mine, and he will do anything to help us because the greatest thing there is, is LOVE.

Emily | on Jul 28, 2011

Oh Emily thank you so much your words have you touched my heart I just get so tired I will pray tonight for the kind & true words you sent me

ANNETTE | on Jul 28, 2011

Annette Please stop telling yourself you can't You can't
Jesus is with you darling and I know you've heard it all before but with Him you can do ALL things
Thank him for his goodness and tell the devil to buzz of., little worm. We are all praying for you - yes YOU
Sing a new song tonight I can and I will
Sleeeeeeeep tonight

Joan UK | on Jul 29, 2011

God bless you Joan I am trying so hard I will pray for you too

ANNETTE | on Jul 29, 2011

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