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Dear everyone
If you have something you would like me to pray for please tell me in comments and I will pray deeply for you. I put trust in the lord he will answer my prayers for you.

by gods angel

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Im so glad that God gave me a sibling that has a heart to do this for people. I thank you in advance:)

nykeem | on Jul 27, 2011

Please, pray that my doctors appt tomorrow goes well, and my family flies safely on our vacation. Thanks :)

John 16:33 | on Jul 27, 2011

Please pray for me. Im having my third hip. Surgery tomorrow to remove a tumor that keeps coming back. Please pray that this surgery goes well with no complications and that I recover just fine. Thank you

Anonymous | on Jul 27, 2011

Please pray for a court case my family has on Sep. 12 @1pm. This is one that will change our lives either in a downside or an uplifting way. Our family has been praying for a green card for over ten years now...

My fmily's health. My parents have been overworking these days due to a lack of workers. Please pray that God will touch every pain they have physically/emotionally and will lift up all of our family's burdens and hardships.

Our familys union. I pray that our family wont ever split nd stay strong under the our Lord. That no temptations or sins or teoibles

nykeem | on Jul 27, 2011

*troubles will keep us away from meeting our God in Heaven when thw time comes.

That my family wil be able to do everything according to Gods will and for his glory.

i heard there was a prophecy/vision that there soon will be a tsunami in CA. Pleaseeee. Pray that God will protect us and guide us in the right path so that whatever happens, we'll stay true to our Lord.
Lastly... i have a test tomorrow the next day and two finals on monday. Pleaseee pray for me so that I do well in that i study hard to show for the Glory of our God.

Thanks once again!! And im quite sorry that its so longg.
If you have any prayers i will be more than happy to pray for u also:)

nykeem | on Jul 27, 2011

Pray for me and my husband. We have been trying to conceive for 5 years and we have unexplained secondary infertility. We are approaching our fertile period on Saturday and we jus pray that this time is it.

Hannah | on Jul 27, 2011

Please pray for me to get the job as a Respiratoy Therapist lord knows I need to income to support my kids.

Rose-love Miami | on Jul 27, 2011

Please pray for me I need spiritual healing ,strength on walkin with God

Chosen1 | on Jul 27, 2011

Pray for me Please......its everthing......

i | on Jul 27, 2011

Please pray for me. I am involved with a man who is not sure he wants to be with me, and I love him. Ive already hurt very much in the past with my kids father & this man I have now met is good for me & I can't imagine loosing him. Thank you.

Yourangel | on Jul 27, 2011

Thank you firstly so much! please pray for my mom she has a binge drinking problem she drinks and drives and doesn't care she endangers everyone including herself and has diabetes. Pray for my brother he is with the one He's chosen and it has not been smooth for any of us, and pray for my marriage it is hard to communicate with my husband he is much like his father and am scared for our life together. Pray for my sister to finish highschool with good grades and attend college. I pray for you to have everlasting life with our father. Beautiful for you to offer yourself into prayer. Please bless this woman with happy blissful days and loving people surrounding her. Amen. Thank you again

hopeful mom | on Jul 27, 2011

God bless u as u Pray for my daughter Jocelyn who abandoned her daughter 5yrs ago, I have her and she is self mutilating, destructive to every thing she touch, low self esteem, she's 9 now she has anger issues, stealing, lying, and acting out in other ways too, please pray for me cuz I'm tired thank u

grateful*n*ohio | on Jul 27, 2011

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