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Lord please help my family come to you. My sister always find fault with me. And my father and mother favor her and my brother . They have a lot of respect for them. And they wish that I would just disappear. I love my family . I just can't be around them because they down me all the time. I am never good enough and I am a failure to them they hold my past against me .and I have moved on I am with the lord I have been with the lord for 11 years . Please pray for me saints I need your prayers you mean a lot to me and GOD .

by Anonymous

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You are gift of god you're parents might seem like they leave you out but I know how you feel I have two sisters and I feel the same but I know deep inside she adores you I will pray for you

gods angel | on Jul 27, 2011

You're mom and you will always have good times. may the lord be with you

gods angel | on Jul 27, 2011

I hope this brings comfort- I am the oldest I have done everything my mom has asked in life and I also have had a past, but I have become a strong believer in our lord and also pray to saint jude he helps me a lot! back to my point:) I have younger brother whom is my moms favorite who has not respected her in anyway, and a smaller sister and that is also her baby. So yes I know how it is but hun you have to see yourself that you are following our father and he is leading you. In the right path you will be with him in the end and he will forever love you. I am here if you need more prayers. Praying for you!!

hopeful mom | on Jul 27, 2011

U mean a lot to us too, do great things,

grateful*n*ohio | on Jul 27, 2011

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