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I am so filled with so many emontions right now... that i want to do is say f it! Why should having respect for peolpe who just have for me... why should keep apologizing when im not always in the wrong, why must always give up so much for other to keep peace and other remain the same???? Why do i even keep trying when my good never turns into my field of dream,, why are all these pretenders of love around me.. especially when all ur going to do is remove everything i care about away from me... why do i always have to suffer with a broken heart.. while he gets move on run around..without difficulties for them.. why must i raise these kids on my own.. and have to fight not to be replace by another of his collection... im so tired.. havent i done something right am im not worthy of a break from rejection??.smh.. fed up.

by Heaven's eyes

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Because Jesus died on the cross so you can be free of sin. Jesus went through all that at least you can put every burden in your life in his hand. Try it

Rose-love Miami | on Jul 26, 2011

Heaven's eyes, i like that name. Emotions are real & we need to experience some of them for they may teach us what we need to learn. However Jesus did die on the cross for our sins & he went through alot & put up with alot because he loved us. I don't believe God wants us to suffer, but that he wants us all to live happy & to do thbest we can. God does not expect us to do it all on our own. You need to keep your Heaven's Eyes on him & give him all your troubles & he will cast it all away. No problem to big or to small that God can not handle. Give it all to him. Follow his heart & see what he can do for you. My name is Danielle & if you need someone to talk to or need praye please email me at [email hidden from spammers] & you can email me anytime, anyday, no matter the hour. I hope in some way I have helped you. God Bless You! Your in my prayers.
In Christ Jesus,

Anonymous | on Jul 26, 2011

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