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lord jesus thank you for everything. please continue to guide protect and watch over us. please lord bless us all with your love and guidance, and please continue to answer our prayers and help us with our situations. please lord keep us protected from evil and anything that will try to harm us or make us ill. please lord bless me with sweet dreams instead of nightmares, and please be with me in my dreams loving father. lord i love you so much and i put all my love trust faith and hope into you and i know that you will never let me down, and for that i thank you so much. please lord replace my fears and anxietys with your love, and allow your pressence to be felt at all times. please lord make sure we have our guardian angels with us at all times never leaving our sides, please lead us through the right path so when the time comes we will be joining you in the afterlife. you are so great my lord, and i love you more than life itselfs. i give you all my fears, troubles, all my pain, all my tears, and all of my heart father, for i know you will replace it all with your unconditional love for me. i ask that you heal those in need, guide those in need of guidance, let those who dont believe feel your pressence so that they can believe. keep all evil and harm away from us. forgive us of our sins. please bless everyone on this app with your love and guidance, as well as my family. lord please dont give up on me and my situation, i am not giving up ever, please have faith in me and dont let me down, i love you. god iloveyou, jesus iloveyou, and in your holy names i pray.

by iloveyoulord(:

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Amen :) I loved your prayer

LordPutaSmileOnMyFace | on Jul 26, 2011

thank you (:

iloveyoulord(: | on Jul 27, 2011

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