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Lord please help me.i don't know what wrong with me. I know ur word, but I still do what I shack up, having sex not married, and with my boyfriend for ten yrs and we r no where near marriage.please pray for us.we both know God word. Lord separate us if we don't get it together this year.this need to stop.I'm tired living like this. I'm ready for a change.

by Tryin to stay humbled

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Hello, sister.
Your prayer hurts my heart. I was in a similar place years ago. I prayed and prayed. Then a friend said to me, "I'm not sure what this means, but God put on my heart that you have to get out. But not only out of this relationship and away from some un-Godly people around you, but really away...away from NJ."
A few days later a friend called from another state and asked me to come for a visit. My "visit" lasted 15 years so far. Once away from the stagnant relationship and friends that didn't have my best interests at heart, I flourished. I met my husband of 14 years, found a wonderful church, made friends that wanted the best for me, received a BIG new family and oceans of love.

Let me be that "friend" to you now. You already answered your heart's questions. You say you "know God's Word%u201C yet you knowingly and purposely continue in your sins. You must not only "know" God's must believe and stand on it. Get away. You know this situation is wrong and terribly unhealthy. Can you get away even for a weekend to fast and pray and seek guidance and enlightenment? Please try. God wants you to be happy and healthy, not living in perpetual sin, guilt and sorrow.

I will continue to pray for you.

Bernadette | on Jul 26, 2011

Be encouraged my sister by that powerful testimony. God has abetter plan and purpose for ur life.

earthangel | on Jul 26, 2011

I thank you so much mrs. bernadette. U dont know me, but u understand where I'm coming from. I don't tell my family my business,because they are so judgmental.they say things that make u feel hopeless. I am going to take ur advice.thanks.May God continuing blessing you.

Tryin to stay humbled | on Jul 26, 2011

Thank you also. Have a blessed day.

Tryin to stay humbled | on Jul 26, 2011

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