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Father I pray for the one who has been my 1st Love. Father at this moments I am not in a relationship with him, I haven't been with him like a year now. But father the things he is doing at this times aren't Godly father I pray that you lift him, his sister, cousins up like the warriors they are. Let them see with Godly eyes that dating in btwn family members is a sin! That you do not approve of that. I do ask if there was or is a possibility for him, I to be together be it. But my biggest concern isn't that. My concern is him, his cousins for them to see the sin they are cometing let there spiritual eyes be open again. And that blind fold that satan has placed upon them let it be BROKEN, never come back I pray Lord!!!! Plz in your name I pray Lord!!!

If anyone whom reads this I ask you if you could plz have this prayers in your prayers. I would GLADLY appreciate it. God bless you guys always..

by God you are my strenght!!!

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