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Can u all please pray for me that I put my worry to rest. I feel that my boyfriend doesn't feel the same for me anymore and is going to leave me when the lease is up. I have been so worried lately that I don't know what to do and I am constantly sad. If anyone could leave some encouraging words or scriptures I could sure use them. I really love him but I fear that because of mistakes I have made he doesn't feel the same anymore even though I have apologized so much. Any encouraging words would greatly help and definitely prayers.

by nissi

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Faith will see yall through.
Hope for the best.
Love no matter what, without hesitation. And keep loving. If your heart is meant to be with him it will in Gods plan and in his time. He makes everything happen for a reason. Keep your head high and never stop loving.

Emily | on Jul 25, 2011

Honey the Lord knows who's the perfect match for you. It may be this man it may be not
But the Lord will reveal him one day. U just seek strength and comfort in the Lord. Focus on the Lord first and the rest will be okay. Im going thru similar with my husband of nine years. Im not sure if we'll make it to ten. But keep praising God no matter what. He is true love no matter what! :)

I Love U Lord | on Jul 25, 2011

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