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I am in a depression I keep digging deeper because of my sin of the eyes. I keep saying to myself, "I'm fat, losing my hair, missing teeth, have severe dark circles under my eyes and I live at my parents house because of my finanaces."

Women look at me and write me off right away, I give off "damaged goods" vibe. I turn to bad web sites and come away empty everytime, I'm like a drug addict and I hate myself.

Please Lord, just put me down, I am no good and worthless. Forgive my self hatred, selfishness, people who i have wronged, women whom I've taken for granted and so many other crappy things I've done. Please Lord, give me a incurable disease so I can leave this pointless life.

by (Derek) [email hidden from spammers]

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You are God's creation. Pray, fast, meditate and read his word. You have purpose. I love you in Christ. Amen

Anonymous | on Jul 25, 2011

Don't ask him to give you miserable diseas in that aim. I don' t think he will be pleased to exhausting your prayer in this way or he shall do just to open your eyes and for any guidance. Please pray and put your faith on him. You know he is be able to lift up your body, take care of your finance, relieve you from all forms of addict and restore your self estim. Make at least a daily five or ten minutes in your life .you'll see what he can do for you.

Anonymous | on Jul 25, 2011

Stop being such a pussy and tell God to give the strength to move on and be the very best and dont let women validate you.

Anonymous | on Jul 25, 2011

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