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Can you go just one day without ANY fears or doubts? Just one day.

GOD works thru our our love and faith. Begging and crying doesnt move GOD.

The enemy gains power thru our fear and doubts. And he will destroy and steal as much as he can from you.

Let today be the ONE day you walk in all faith. No doubts about whatever you are believing God to do in your life.

LONELY & HEARTBROKEN: If you are lonely or hurting, can you go one day beliving how God is going to bring the right person in your life shortly? Today i have many friends who care about me, and I am a great friend to those in my life.

Today it doesnt hurt so much. Today God is working it out to restore my relationship, my marriage DESPITE my shortcomings, mistakes, and past. [no doubt]

SICKNESS & ADDICTIONS: "By His stripes you are healed" Today can you feel the pain subsiding? Today you dont have cancer. Today I am not HIV positive. Today i am not depressed. Today I no longer have back pain. My child is healthy. My family member is healed. My heart is strong. My mind and emotions are healthy. I am free of all addictions. I am healed in Jesus' name, and its not coming back.

FINANCES CAREER JOBS LEGAL PROBLEMS: Thank you Lord for this great job. You opened wonderful doors for my career. Thank you because all my bils are paid. Thank you for the favor you have given me and the peace i have with every coworker. You are the best lawyer! And you go before me and have already done a miracle and worked it out in my favor. I dont have a wait and see attitude, I have FAITH.

Can you go one day without any doubts about: yourself? God's love for you? What others will do? Your healing?

Yes. You can do it.

Theres power in FAITH.

Start with today. Make a decision to BELIEVE.

Tomorrow is another day. Build your faith by making a decision to believe and not doubt one day at a time.

God bless you!

by Patience

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Amen! Hallelujah

Shekinah™ | on Jul 30, 2011

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