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So here we are again, heavenly father, in our very own personal sanctuary app, casting all our anxiety to you because you care for us. Thank you for allowing us to live this day safely. Some were very happy today, some of us were feeling sick, others were worried for some reason and others felt alone. But you have been faithful with us and kept us safe from evil, you have not forsaken us, you never will. I give you honor, praise and glory for your unending love tours us. Help us be more like you, dear Jesus, help us see life and situations, goods and bad, like you see them, with your eyes and with your heart. Examine our heart, our inner thoughts and purify them. Help us defeat all temptations and stay holy and pure for you. Help us love, accept and be tolerant with each other. Jesus i know you already know everything that's happening in the world, but the devil is destroying relationships, sons and parents, wives and husbands, brothers and sisters, friends, neighbors, work partners...the devil is tearing many apart. But i come to you this hour praying for restoration in relationships in Jesus name. May you be the center of all relationships, specially on those here, may your Holy Spirit be the motor of love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Father heal relationships and guide them to your will, in Jesus name. I also pray for my family, have mercy on them and give each one a opportunity to know you and follow you before you come and take us to your glory. My heart cries specially for my brother, Father I'm trusting in you, I'm waiting on your promise, that you will save him, restore him, change his sinful life and make him a new creation in Christ. Homosxuality will no longer dominate him for i know the Holy Spirit is working and soon will change him. Thank you Jesus for your miracle, thank you! My hope rests in you, you will soon bring him back to us! In Jesus name i pray all this believing, amen!

by Shekinah™

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That is a nice prayer and thank you for praying for us all. Bless you!!!!

i need a prayer but i no i am going to make it | on Jul 24, 2011

I am praying in agreement with you. Thank you for this prayer.

God Sows | on Jul 24, 2011

Agreement :) beautiful prayer. He will deliver:)

Belle | on Jul 24, 2011

Amen..Our Father is glorified. He is exalted. I'm in tears, words aren't enough to explain. Please who ever gets a chance to read this, please don't give up! Please don't drop your arms, please don't! Jesus is still working...I cannot continue writing right now. Put your phone aside if you feel so, seek God in the intimacy of your room of wherever you are for he cares and wants to minister your life. Let Him give you the straight you need, the peace, guidance, answer, EVEN IF THINGS SEEM IMPOSSIBLE, EVEN IF IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE, PLEASE GIVE YOURSELF ANOTHER CHANCE TO KEEP PUSHING....There is hope in Christ...

Shekinah™ | on Jul 24, 2011

I love reading your your testmoneys thay are so well put keep on deliverying the word it is so well done. God bless....
You bring joy in my life when I read your prayers. Thanke you.

i need a prayer but i no i am going to make it | on Jul 24, 2011

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