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Lord I come to you as humble as I can in needing your guidance. I'm so lost and confused on what to do with my marriage and life. I live in a world filled with people but yet I feel so alone. My mind is dazed and I can't think straight. Why do I feel such misery. My husband doesn't seem to understand my distress and I don't know if he even care but he says he does.I know my heart hasn't completely forgiven him and I think I'm seeking what I feel he should be doing to help mend my heart instead of forgiving and allowing you to restore and change his heart, I think I'm trying to make him work for my forgiveness but at the sametime its not just that, its things I actually feel he should be doing in the marriage anyway. So I'm lost on what to do about that or how to approach it or just pray and leave it to you, or do I need to say something, I need You to tell me what to do. To add on to my marital problem my sister inlaw and 4 of her kids are staying with us. Lord you know I don't mind helping but things aren't going the way I think they should. You know my family has been helping us to pay our bills and buying groceries its really not far to my family to also has to help 5 extra ppl who let their food stamps laps because they were to lazy to go to The aid office to renew them, let their section 8 get taken because they are destroying other ppl property when they stay there, and they not really caring about my things either, eating food without consideration, going threw my cabinets and opening things without asking, children have no discipline and cursing and fighting in front of my children. Lord I don't know what to do about this either. My husband don't seem to understand but it seems like he worries about everyone else except his own home and family. I know ppl are raised different but being respectful and neat when your in someone else home should just be natural. Not to mention my sister inlaw doesn't even speak to me at all like she not in my house. We never had any arguments or anything so I don't understand the disrespect. Lord what am I to do. My flesh is yelling to me to leave my house, my husband, And his family and start over new and fresh. But Lord you told me not to leave my husband but lately I haven't been hearing you and things just aren't good and I don't know if I want to put up with this any more. Lord, where are you? Why aren't you speaking to me any more or I'm just not hearing? When are you going to turn us into each other perfect mates, I'm tired of, I feel weak, discouraged, self esteem is very low, and I really just want my life to be better than this. It's a song say can't take my joy away, but Lord its gone and I can't find much joy, I still have joy in my children tho. Looking at them at least brings a smile to my face and make it a little easier to go on another day. Lord please speak, your servant is listening. Lord I need You, You know my struggles and You know my heart. Is it time to give up? If its not, tell me what You want me to do and please give me your strength. I don't like the way I have been feeling or behaving these past few days. Please help me. In Jesus name amen

by Eagerly Learning

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Do not be dismayed. It is never time to give up. God will not ever tell you that. It is time to stand strong and pray. God sees what you're going through and he hears your cries to Him. Stand firm and continue to pray. Pray for your husband, for your sis-in-law, for her kids, and for yours. A wife and her husband should be on one accord. Speak with him gently and let him know how you feel. Pray that God touches his heart so he can understand you and your needs. Pray that God also touches you so that you can understand him as well. Be an example of Christ in all you do, especially with your sis-in-law. God may have her there so that you can be an example to her. Don't view her as "his" family, you and your husband are one. Treat her as if she was your own flesh and blood, even if she doesn't treat you the same. I understand how you feel, I had a similar situation and I reacted the wrong way. The devil had used that to his advantage in my marriage. I want to spare you the same heartache and pain I'm going through. God will not leave you hanging sis. When we are going through it gets harder and harder to hear Him, but He is always listening. I am having difficulty hearing Him too, and all I can do is cling to His written word until I hear His voice. Trust Him and keep praying as you have. You will have the victory on the name of Jesus. I am praying for all of you. God bless.

God Sows | on Jul 24, 2011

Sister C,
After reading your message, I leave a message for you. I'm
Not sure if you have read it. But straight after that I put up a prayer for our marriages. The following is a reply I receive, which I want to share with you. Because Shakirah is praying for us:

Father, we beg for your glory to be shown! Jesus THEY NEED YOU FATHER I know you know everything already, you know everything even before us even asking, but why Jesus? Why are you silent in these marriages? I cry out to you Jesus! I desperately beg for your will to be shown in these two marriages! Father advices have been enough, nor a book or movie or da best counselor or the wises psychologist have been helpful enough for things to change. JESUS CHRIST, MY LORD AND MY SAVIOR, SHOW UR SELF. Father is it that you are already talking? Bring peace father! Bring peace in their hearts and make sensitive their spiritual ears to hear YOU, give them discernment and lead them to the right path. I come in agreement according to your word, Father i know your doing something. Hold them Jesus! They need you! Hug them father, make them feel ur near and that you care and that you ARe Working!!! Holy Spirit comfort them, guide them, lift them up!! ...Bring peace and let your will be done, in Jesus name. Amen..

HAJ | on Jul 24, 2011

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