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My Lord,
Keep me still please.
My heart is in a mess, and this disturb the peace You bless upon me. Jesus come to me, come now please.


by HAJ

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Hey, I think I'm going to ask my husband for a separation. I'm tired and my heart still aches and for some odd reason its been a lot lately. Even the visions and nightmares of them having sex is haunting me again. I don't understand what's this about. But I think maybe separation or divorce might be better

Eagerly Learning | on Jul 23, 2011

Sister C,
I seriously do not know what to say.
But lately, I have been thinking about ending my own marriage as well.
But this is what God told me:
"have no fear!
Stay where you are and see the work Yahweh will do to save you today. The Egyptians whom you see today, you will never see again. Yahweh will fight for you and all you have to do is to keep STILL. Exodus14:13-14"
After reading this, I hang on. Doing nothing but just wait patiently.
Sister C,
I just want to share this reading with you.
See if it speak to you.
I did pray for you daily.
Just contact me, when you need someone.

HAJ | on Jul 23, 2011

Well all hell broke out last night we argued and We fought. I don't know what's up with his heart and way of thinking, its so off and odd. And he didn't use to be like this. I feel so bad cause we really hurt our kids last night arguing in front of them. My daughter cried for a long time asking is daddy ever coming back home. Thank God he did or she would of been crushed. Last time we argued in front of her her hair fell out in a spot, doc said it was due to stress. And I don't want to put any more stress on her or my son. I don't care what anyone says even tho we are not divorce if we were to get one it would have a bad effect on our children, So I have to keep that in mind. I just so confused tho. I'm still hurting and myself esteem is gone. Maybe I'm trying to take matters in my own hands instead of waiting on God, I did tell him we should separate or divorce cause I was hurting but also because I want him to fight for me. He says he don't want one but I need more than just the words. I want him seem remorsful, I want him to act as if I'm his world and he don't want to be without me. Maybe I'm just making things worst. Maybe I shouldn't tell him how I feel and just pray about it. God probably sitting back saying "when you finish trying to control things, I'll take over" but I feel I have been still And waited and still the pain and thoughts of his affair outrages me. Please pray for me, my husband, and especially my children.

Eagerly Learning | on Jul 24, 2011

My dear sister,
It is really interesting, don't you think so?
We are living in different part of the world.
You hubby cheat on you, but you struggle to keep your marriage alive. I on the other hand, cheat on my hubby, and he want out but I'm trying to keep it alive.
Whe both encourage one another, and there was a period of time where we both feel so powerful and confident that our marriages will be restored. Then there was this period where we both feel insecure and confused. Now, we both at the same time feel like giving up. Feel angry and we wonder where is God? We are faithful all these while isn't we? But things seem to get worst right? Just 3 months ago I found a new job as a Finance Manager, i passed my CPA exam, I am confident that my hubby will come back, then overnight, everything come crashing down, I resugned, I'm unemploy now, I do not know what to expect next, I think my hubby is seeing someone new. I wonder should I also move on? I also wish to have a family of my own. I'm already 32 this years. My youth is eroding. Everyday, I woke up in fear. I can't sleep well. I'm fill with fear. I believe at this moment of your live, you must be feeling the same as I'm. Fear, insecurity, the unknown future and the unexpected outcome of life scare us. Our faith shaken, our love for God disappear slowly, our uncertainty has cause us to lost our focus.
Sister C, I do not know what good advise I can share with you, as I'm as lost as you now.
But read Exodus14:13-14. He told us to keep still. He say don't be afraid. He told us to leave it all to Him. The truth is other than trusting Him, what else can we possibily do? I seek for forgiveness of our lack of faith. But He who love us so dearly, understand our weaknesses. He has already forgive is. Just remember, don't do it anything impulsive. Pray, just keep praying. That is what I do.
Sister, my heart ache for you more than myself. And I pray for you daily. I really hope we can both walk out of this in victory. Let our heart stay close to God. Let go of the past. Let us rest. Let us just rest. Allow God to take over. Love is patient. Remember, your hubby might say anything about how he feel in his heart, but maybe he really is hurting as much as you do. One think I
Learned is Never ever try to double guess what other is thinking, because we will never know, that is why God told never to judge. Instead, try to control our heart and thought. Keep in pure, loving and gentle at all time. So that the peace of God will be with us always.
Sister, I know it has been tough on you.
I know you heart is aching and bleeding.
I know you are trying.
Forgive everything, let the past go, so that you can start receiving the presents that God prepared for you now.
Sister, cheer up. Read Exodus. Read it again and again. I'm sure God is right here with us, we just need to have faith. We just need to Trust HIM.
Write to me, we must keep in close contact.
We must continue to perk each back to God.
Never allow Satan to break us down.
Jesus is our savior.
Satan can't harm us if we don't allow him to.
Just be STILL!
I love you, Jesus love you.
Come let me give you a Hug, huge encouraging hug.
Let us both cheer up!
If God is for us, who can be against us!
In Jesus name,
Our marriage will not only be restored it will be bless with overworking abundance bliss and happiness. Amen.

HAJ | on Jul 24, 2011

Thank you sister, after long consideration I've came to this conclusion, everytime I try to do things my way things turns up worst than what they were to begin with and more choas breaks out. Jesus told me not to long ago to treat and love my husband as if I didn't know about the affair. And what do I do, start throwing it back into his face how hurt I am and all the pain he has caused me. Disobeying God. That's probably why I don't have any peace. But I thank God for ppl like you, who has encouraging words and the knowledge to pray. But stay in your walk with God, I'm finding out even tho you might still be pained that things aren't the way we hope for as of yet, but if we decide to go our own way we will be in more pain and have more unpeaceful days. Thank you

Eagerly Learning | on Jul 24, 2011

I'm glad you are feeling better now.
Let us place our hope on God.
Dont be dishearten, I'm sure all these that we are going through is to prepare for the abundance blessing that is to come. Let us stay united, let us continue to pray harder and more diligently. Our God is merciful, He will stand by us and we will in turn use our encounter to bless and encourage others. As long as we are alive, as long as we have hope in God, abundance blessing will be given to us. Jesus want us to live a life of abundance. So let us enjoy today. Stop worrying about tomorrow. Amen.

HAJ | on Jul 24, 2011

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