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The devil is wreaking havoc in marriages right now. People trying to find all sorts of excuses to be unfaithful.
Though you try to find someone else in your life do you really think that's going to change your situation. The devil is a liar. Though you try to satisfy your flesh with adultery you will pierce your soul with many sorrows. Your decisions will bring about judgement. The devil deceived Eve in the beginning. Don't you think he is up to his old bag of tricks. Saying it's allright just this once, it's allright your having marriage problems, it's allright your unhappy.
The devil is a LIAR.
I pray for all the people having problems in their marriage. The Lord give you the wisdom to find that He is the solution.
If your trying to find out what the will of God is for you. Just read his word. He wants your marriage to prosper but if we don't know how to make it prosper, how can it prosper? Read His word.

by Anonymous

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Great words. I think many need to be reminded of what your saying. The devil seeks to destroy. I am pray more people open tete eyes to this before many are hurt.

Anonymous | on Jul 23, 2011

Their eyes... sorry typing to fast lol

Anonymous | on Jul 23, 2011

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