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I'm a marriage that's dysfunctional and I need all the prayer I can receive. My husband is consumed with his life that he doesn't even notice me. I know in my heart he is cheating especially when I was carrying his child now that I have had my son he asked me for a divorce knowing that I just had a baby going through post partum depression and on top of that I have no job with two other children. I also know he doesn't love me but I'm holding on to a life that's not healthy nor is it going to flourish. I want love so bad until it hurts my little girls begs me to leave him because they see how he treats me and it hurts them. I'm fighting for a marriage and my husband doesn't want to be in it but I made a Covent before God for better or worse and I want my marriage but he doesn't want it and I'm wasting my time and life on someone who feels their life is better without me in it. I need the strength to endure all the pain my heart is taking Lord I want to be loved. I am a bad role model for my girls when it comes to love and a marriage I want them to be with a man that love them and adore them and most of all that wants to be with them. Lord please give me the courage and faith that You will see me through or out this marriage. I thank You in advance for whatever You do in ky life right now........LOVE YOU MY SAVOIR!!

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Yu are in my prayers ...

shine,india (precious in Lord\'s sight | on Jul 23, 2011

God I pray you bless this sister and her children and bless her husband. Draw near to each one and lead them and guide them. I pray you touch this husband. Help turn his heart and mind. Help him understand that love is a choice and to honor his wife and the commitment he made to his family. Remove al those that would come agaist this marriage and convenant. Bless her with wisdom strength and courage. Bless her with a loving and kind husband and father for her children. Help her put the needs of her children and their well being first. Let her know that with you she can accomplish many great things. In Jesus' name Amen.

Patience | on Jul 23, 2011

U are in my prayer may god bless u

Anonymous | on Jul 23, 2011

God bless you and bring you the strength to move from a situation that's not good.

Hope | on Jul 23, 2011

I am so sorry to hear this. I have in this same spot and I did more damage to my daughters than good. They did not know how they were supposed to be treated because they had not seen it. Thank God for his blood as I believe they ar now ok. I am not saying divorce him. But you may have to let go and move out of the way so God can work on him. My husband moved. Out in 2001 when my baby was 9 months old. I divorced him in 2009 because I got tired. He is now working in the church and pastor of operations. Again I am not saying divorce him. Just letting u know that I had to move out of the way for everyones sake to include his. I am praying 4 u. And yes it was very hard as he was around town with many other women while married to me. But God carried me through. Just put ur trust in him

friend of God | on Jul 23, 2011

Im so sorry for you. You, will be,in my prayers.

Sabrilvsgod | on Jul 23, 2011

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