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Oh fellow brother in Christ, whom are tempted by the internet, I am praying for you! I ask that EVERY brother and sister in Christ pray for the men who HATE ****ography but it has such a pull that it sucks them in once again!
I can only give you one verse that has effect my spiritual walk, it has made me strong, and helped me make it through, and that verse is RESIST THE DEVIL AND HE WILL FLEE! Christian brothers it is WRONG, I know us men like to say, well God made women beautiful, or... well I'm not really cheating on my wife,(or girl friend) if I look at stuff on the internet... it IS WRONG, and a trap from Satan .... don't let Satan lie to you.

by Third Nail

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Thank you for the reminder. I used to suffer from that & now i'am free. I still feel tempted every now & then but then i rebuke it in Jesus name. Amen! Thank you

Anonymous | on Jul 22, 2011

Me too and I'm a girl. Things like that don't tempt me anymore but coming from someone who used to dress suggestively, us girls can still dress to impress without showing our chest. It's trashy and leads others to stumble. I could see in our culture how it must be hard to be a man. A Christian man at that.

Anonymous | on Jul 22, 2011

Please pray for me. It is so hard to escape from this horrible sin. I pray every day, read the word every day. I attend church every Sunday. I have fasted.
My prayers go out to anyone who is in bondage to this sick ugly sin. Lord Jesus help us all. To the girl that commented, thank you for seeing the harm you were doing in the way you were dressing. God have mercy on us all!

forgiven | on Jul 22, 2011

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