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I love Jesus and I've always been ready to do whatever he asks me to do. However, I fall short in one area, "Praying". For some reason I pray very well when am alone, but I can't pray when I am surrounded by others even around my fiancé. I worry about it and it's affecting me because I can't share a pray with a group of people or loved one, I get nervous and I lose focus. It happens all the time. I don't know why but it does. I feel Like people are judging me or looking at me whenever I am praying. I know it shouldn't be this way. And I know when am praying I am talking to God not the people , but still I just can't do it. Please if u have any useful tips or tools for me that can help me get rid of this fear it will be very helpful. I pray about it to God and I always tell him how unhappy that makes me feel and I want to change that. Therefore, as am praying about it I ask you my brothers and sisters to also include me in your prayers. Satan always want to be in control but there is no room for him here.I curse the devil in the name of Jesus Christ. I ask all of this in our loving God Jesus Christ, Amen!

by faith

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Well leys not condemn even tje devel for we have sinned too. Read jude 1:9 but i understand where tou are coming from. I too have that issue sometimes too...i get lind of fleshly when i pray and try to use big words and impress others around me. I think i would just suggest rhat

Anonymous | on Jul 21, 2011

Read jude 1:9 in reference to cursing satan...its not out place..but..i would suggest that you simply ask the Spirit ro speak and not yourself before tou pray and thwn pray if its with others or even if youre alone..have a pre prayer haha. Dont force anything you know? Let it come in Jesus name in HIS time. God bless my loved one.

Anonymous | on Jul 21, 2011

Ignore the first one. My fone fritzed and entered early

Anonymous | on Jul 21, 2011

Thanks I will read it. God bless u

faith | on Jul 21, 2011

Always start with praise. It gives you an uplift too and you can just flow then. Stop worrying. Do you think we don't all have moments like that too. The fact you recognise it means your more than half way to beating it. Imagine you're in company when praying alone may help prepare you too. Just don't stop praying. Ok Bless you. Go on peace with joy

Joan UK | on Jul 21, 2011

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