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I hate my,life......goes good for a day or two then..steep......down,a very long hill.i cant take it anymore im soo convinced that im a loser no matter what I do.i may as well be a junky n have every1 pitty done

by Anonymous

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Hey always remember you can do anything through christ which strengthens you.. never give up the devil wants you to fail... everything you go through GOD is testing your faith... he will never put more on you than you can bare

Anonymous | on Jul 21, 2011

Now that u r done doing it ur way try his way. He now has ur attention. U have become satans worst nightmare u are an empty vessel for God to fill

friend of God | on Jul 21, 2011

Stay strong and have faith. God is still in the healing businessand where 2 or more are gathered he's in the mist. 1 person can put 1000 deamons to flight 2 can put 10,000 we touch and agree with u in Jesus name u r heal free from addiction free fron depression free from discouragment free from every attack of the enmy Gods word says what ever is bond on earth is bound in heaven we bind up ur drug addiction and every ill effect that it may have had on your mind or body his word also says what we loose on earth will be loosed in heaven so we loose stregnth recovery and good health in Jesus name amen.

Crazy 4 Christ | on Jul 21, 2011

Dont give up... I know it can be hard but trust in god. I have those days too..but I will wait on my blessings

Child of God | on Jul 21, 2011

Hold on! Yes things do go wrong n our lives but God is there even when we cant see him.

Yes Lord | on Jul 23, 2011

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