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I delt with a relationship that i cant seem to completely get ova...this is the first time ive had this problem...its actually the second serious relationship ive been n, n my 25 years on this earth. I neva thought that i wud fall so hard for sumone. I recieved a text from him a few days ago and thats whn i realized i wasnt over him. Its not at all common for me to b n2 sumbody like i was with him. i honestly havent really seriouslyeven dated and its been years since i have. We metin dec of 2009 and ended in dec of 2010. I kno thats not long but we had so much n common and i ended up falling hard for the first time n my life. Its now july and i still cant shake him. Ive prayed cried everything. I was love sick for a min even... now he still runs thru my mind DAILY...when i recieved that text my thoughts became my prominent... i am askin for prayer for whateva god has plannnd. I need answers. If he is gonna b around i want that to sho if not i want to b over him. Done i genuinly love him period but i also suffered fallin n love wit sumone who obviously didnt feel the same...i dnt undastand how two ppl canhave so much n common. Comfortable wit oneanotha. Love. And then one drops the other... its not like i fall easily or have slept with a lot of ppl??? So why am i goin thru this... how can we not b??? Y did i fall for him when i dont fall easily...lord i need ur protection and guidance ur wisdom and love

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Thank yall

Anonymous | on Jul 21, 2011

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