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Heavenly father thank u for this day, please help me with my salvation Im saved by ur grace but have turned tward the world for awhile now. please help he to figure out weather to send my kids to regular school this year or to continue home schoolen. Father I cant do it .......cry cry sniff, I can't teach 4 kids on my own I don't know how to. I barely got by in school and faild 2 grades not to mention didnt graduate. I feel preassured to continue this when all I did was struggle w it last year. I know how the schools are these days I dont want my 4 children joining the "crowd" of the world, but father ..........i can't do it and to be honest I dont want to I didnt do well this past year so please help me w this. Please help my husband to be strong in his family alter n teach us the word of god, please help my oldest son to see u hes almost 13 I pray for him to come to u the same as my other 3 children. Thank u for my children and there health. please help my 2 sisters they are liven the wrong ways, my brother to be a bettet fathet n to get off the drugs, my baby brother to stop trying to grow up so fast lord hes only 17 and thinks hes 21. Help my mom n dad to leave the world behind and come to u. Help my grandparents to stay healthy and live to the fullest for u, they all say they know u father but they don't . They know of u but don't care to pray to u, they ask for things that better them, they dont ask for forgivness, they laugh at me cause I'm 30 and try to do right for the past 2 1/2yrs instead of partying, y do people laugh at me lord? I think thats y I've not been closer to u I feel if I don't do what the family wants me to do then I'm not normal. How can I teach my children right from wrong when my own family never taught me!? Im not tryen to say my famliy is evil n bad cause there not but they live for the world n only talk to u when something gose wrong in there lives. I want them to love u and know u like I had. I feel like I have let u doen soooo much like I don't desearve ur love but father I beg u for forgiveness of my wrong doings n I repeant to u allllll my sins im sooo sorry tear tear sniff. I pray these things in your name and only your name AMEN

by Missy

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