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I'm feeling nervous tonight and don't know why. Some days I feel good, then the anxiety will be stronger another day. I hate never knowing how I'm going to feel. Lord please help me. Please help me to relax and stay calm and not give into the fear. I fight these sensations with all my might and they are very stubborn. So lord I just ask you for a peaceful night and take my worries and cast them away. I don't need them anymore. They have bothered me long enough and medications do not fix the problem itself. I know this because I have tried many. You hold the key, you have the power, and I know that you can do it so please, with arms outstretched I want to give you these worries and irrational fears and let you eliminate them. I believe you can do it...and you can give me the will and the means to help myself too. Amen. Xo

by midnight cactus queen {Erin in N.C.}

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Reading your prayer was like reading my thoughts many nights (and days). I know exactly how you feel, you are not alone. God bless you.

Hope | on Jul 20, 2011

Thank you hope. These are bad feelings to have. To be scared is hard enough, but to be scared of being scared is even worse. I get this way in public, especially in large stores with too much overwhelms me and I hate having to talk directly to people (strangers) and look them in the eyes. I don't want them to look into me and see my flaws. It gets worse at night too...I think because we associate night with darkness and the world shutting down (even though it doesn't really) but we worry that something bad will happen and we won't be able to get help. Not sure if that's your rationale, but that's how I feel. As long as the sun is out I feel like there is hope and that I am more safe. I pray that you will soon get relief from these feelings too. Xo

midnight cactus queen {Erin in N.C.} | on Jul 20, 2011

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