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Morning father i no you put us though trials and triblations but how much more can i stand . It hard for me to understand like i say i am a lost soul i still need your understanding. I come to you in prayer for wisdom, and anowledge, understandind please help me father to no your way of life better it's hard when you were not borght up in a christin setting, and going to church from a child. As a child it was on and off so look at what i miss the love and you understanding i am slow in learning and remembering things so this all is new to me it like going to school all over againg. I relly begain going to church in my 20' so i miss so much i love our father with all my heart and in joy going to church teach me thy way lord in JUSES Name Amen lost soul!!!!!!!!! Save me father our Lord to understand your way and onley your way so i ask all my prayer family to keep me in pray Amen! Amen!

by i need a prayer but i no i am going to m

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No eye has seen ,no ear has heard ,no mind has concieved what god has prepared for those who love him . Be patient never give up. God bless yu

precious in Lord\'s sight | on Jul 16, 2011

I pray with and for you. God will Bless you. Amen

Anonymous | on Jul 16, 2011

May God bless you

It would be so great to know where you all are from. I'm in UK so I've added it to my name  I want to know where all the prayers are coming from around the world. I think it would add an extra feeling of belonging to a worldwide loving family who are praying 24/7.So  I adjusted my name.  It didn't change what I had posted before and  nothing has been lost. I feel more part of the loving family around the world- a world that is praying to our Father 24/7.

Joan UK | on Jul 16, 2011

I thank you all for your love and kindnest that you jest send me, and the the tears that are fall from my eyes are of pain my god bless you all!!

i need a prayer but i no i am going to make it | on Jul 17, 2011

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