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Dear Lord,

Thank you for blessing me with a husband who is extremely financially conscious. Thank you for blessing my family in so many ways this summer! Thank you for the excitement surrounding the possible purchase of a new house. Please let your will be done regarding this purchase...if it will mean financial suicide, please guide my husband and I away from it. If it is just what it seems...the perfect house for our family to grow in while we fix this one...Dear Lord please continue to instill a heart of extreme generosity in the sellers to help us afford it better! Through all of these financial trials and trials with the children, Lord, please teach my husband that tithing is your will, and please teach him patience and to lead by example, dear Lord! Dear Lord, I ask that you strengthen me and my body that I may more and more remain faithful to your word and your will in the coming days! Please help me to be the mother, teacher, wife, and leader you want me to be! Please help me to continue to accomplish things around our house this summer that need doing, in addition to getting my grad school and teaching work done as needed in advance! Please help me to learn what kind of support my husband most needs from me! Thank you that we made it to four years together! Thank you for a wonderful honeymoon together! Thank you that our kids have been, for the most part, understanding, helpful, and respectful. Dear Lord, please heal my husband's back so that we can accomplish what needs accomplished here as soon as possible! Please help us to find the volunteers we will need to help us complete the windows and siding! Please help my husband and I to continue to find more and more motivation to get our projects completed! Thank you so much that we can finally take baths at home again! Please help me to become more faithful in the areas of going to church and in educating our children about you! Dear Lord, hear the cries of my heart like you always do! Help my sister with her financial parents with their health issues and with their grieving process over my uncle Jay and with selling their brother Mike and his wife and their kids as they deal with being new twin parents at the same time they are parenting two brother Dan and Marieta in whatever issues they may be facing...Angie and Ryan with new parenthood and a toddler and finances...bless Karla's coming marriage...heal Jim's parents that they may live a while longer yet and Dear Lord, if it is possible, help them to reconcile and learn to forgive! Help them both to find joy in you and in others in these their final years!

Dear Lord, I also pray that you would be with Pastor Mel's family as they suffer alongside his mother in law as she struggles through her cancer in hospice care! And last but certainly not least, Dear Lord, I pray for Carol! Please heal and strengthen her body...remove the cancer from her pancreas and wherever else it has spread - completely, Dear Lord! Give her your strength and your joy and your peace through the trials ahead!

Thank you, Dear Lord! I ask this all in Your precious name - Amen!

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