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Help all of us to use faith in whatever trial we are going through. Help us to use these times to learn, grow and become closer to you. For me personally I ask for your help in treating my auto immune disease. I know there aren't any cures, only treatment. This illness is controlling my life so please help me to treat it so that I may be that much more disciplined and reliant on you. I'm not here to complain. Help me accept the fact I have an illness that affects my day to day life. Help me to be okay with it. Help me to no longer live in fear of it. Together, I know we can overcome this obstacle in my life. This is the cup of tea you have poured me, help me to accept it. Amen.

by k8

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I too need a healing but i can also say jesus showed me how to deal or cope. Most of all he showed me how to love myself again and how to dismiss my fearful thoughts, fears, depression, my past choices that lead me to my consequence. when he tried to warn me,if only i was closer to him around that time i proly would of heard him, but i didnt and wasnt til now. I love him for saving,loving,and showing me. He will do the same for you, he wil, he will amen. I pray nothing but healing,peace,and love in your life. Stay close by him he'll show you. I love you as a brother or sister in christ and your not alone, trust i kno how you feel.

Deβ€’Β° | on Jun 05, 2011

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