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God is the source of all supply. God has created an abundant, luxurious, rich universe with unlimited opportunity. God is in every sunrise and sunset, in each wave and drop of water in the oceans, in every creative thought. I know that god is in and through every thought, person, and situation, and that god is in me as me expressing uniquely and creatively.

I claim, declare and accept and receive abundant income in the form of cash, checks, gifts, lottery, forgiven loans, contracts, payments and purchases from clients, refunds, and other forms of good supply. I rest peacefully and calmly knowing that my desires for my artwork and studio are supplied more than amply. I have a new large kiln, glass, and sanders, and all I need to complete beautiful, inspired art. I rest easily knowing that I now and always attract buyers and collectors who love and purchase my artwork. I calmly allow and accept museums, art buyers, companies, cities, and other public artwork venues to week me out and purchase my work. I am richly and abundantly supplied with luxurious income and I prosper in every way.

I accept and claim and receive income to buy a new, reliable and economical vehicle. I have more than enough money to join the ymca, to purchase the home of my dreams, where my heart sings.

I am grateful for this prosperous and fulfilling life. I am grateful for the people in it who help make it so. I am grateful for every penny and grateful for every gift. I am grateful for creativity and beauty and my ability.

I release this treatment knowing that god and the universe conspire on my behalf and for my good and know that all I seek is seeking and finds me. Amen.

by I Am that I Am

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