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Everyone said that I refused to face up with reality. But can anyone see the past and foresee future? Only God alone know what is His plan for me. And I know it is a plan to prosperous me. Because He told me so in the Bible. Father, forgive both my husband, HY, and my sins. In Your Holiness, please restore our marriage. Father, I do not want to speculate. I choose to surrender my heart desire to You. I choose to wait upon Your will to be done. I believe, You will restore my marriage HY, I would stood tall to testify to all of Your goodness, may Your glory be seen by all, and who who heard of Your goodness be blessed and saved. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.
If God is for me, nothing can be against me. I claim victory in Jesus mighty name. AMEN.

by HAJ

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My dearest sister of Christ. Let me tell you something that just hit me while reading your prayer request. Do not listen to what others are telling you, you know what God has placed on your heart. These past few days I have been struggling on what to do about my marriage and guess what God is telling me the same thing he told me a year ago. Be patient and he will fix this....but being human I kept saying maybe this is not God telling me this, maybe I'm crazy,maybe this maybe that. But let me tell you this, only God would put something like this on our heart. Standing and fighting for marriage restoration is HARD however that is God's way for building character within us and strengthening our faith. Another thing that Just came to me is the one thing we know for sure is, its definitely not the devil telling us to stay strong and fight. Devil is the one trying to break our hope, kill our dreams, try to make us think that this problem is to hard for God. God is telling you to stand and fight because he wants you to have hope he wants you to be prosperous he want you to depend and need Him. Girl don't you give up. Sometimes its seems impossible and hopeless but with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. And let us not forget that. Hector from this site says we have to P.U.S.H pray until something happens. You keep pushing you hear me. Ppl don't understand our fight, but God has chosen us for a purpose. We are his chosen ones to gain victory for our marriages so we can help others also who are and will be going threw the samethings. Never never ever give up on God or your one flesh mate who God chose to be yours. And you said to me that God allows divorce for martial unfaithfulness, really God doesn't want divorce. Moses allowed it because of harden hearts. And a hard heart is an unforgiving heart, which in turns make it a sinful heart. God says he hate divorce and divorce is not what is suppose to be. God wanted marriage to be for life. So don't you think he will restore something he's says is honorable? We serve a mighty God. May we seek him for strength and guidance. And someone told me the other day don't let anyone interfere with your relationship with God. You all have a personal relationship together and what he tells you, you better believe he will do it. And if your still unsure what you should do. Test what you feel he's been telling you with the bible. If what He is telling you lines up with His Word than you know its from him. Next time telling your friends that you don't expect from them to understand but if they can't support you And help you find strength in what your doing,...keep their opinions to themselves. I will be praying for you. Stick in there

Eagerly Learning | on May 07, 2011

Guess what my dear Sister. Immediately after I read your message, I saw Hector prayer. This is God's way of answering us. Praise His mighty name. Let us stay faithful, wait upon our God, in His perfect timing our marriages will be restored.

The Parable of the Persistent (Insistent) Widow:

Luke 18:1; And He told them (The disciples) a parable (Story to present a truth) to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart (Give up).Read the rest yourselves, vs. 2-8.

We know that perseverance in prayer is hard at times. We call God on the phone and there is a busy signal. We call again, and still busy! We feel God does not care enough or He would answer. Child of God He does care! He is creating a work in you. It is called faith. Trust yourself in God's hand. He is stretching your faith till His purpose is done in your life.

In this parable Christ describes to us a widow, who obtained what she wanted from an unjust and cruel Judge. She did not cease to make important demands. She kept coming to him with her requests. This widow wanted justice for her situation! The judge granted her request because of her persistence.

The point is, God does not at all grant assistance to His people, because He is wearied out by prayers! Like if you are nagging at Him for an answer to your prayers. The persistence of the widow is the lesson of the parable. If an insensitive Judge will respond to the continual requests of a widow, God will certainly respond to the continual prayers of believers who cry out to Him day and night!

We should pray as often as we have opportunity. Ever before the throne of grace. And continually putting our request before God, though He does not presently return an answer.

Do not faint because of adversity, afflictions, temptations, desertions and delays in unanswered prayer! When our prayer is not answered, God has His way and His timing for us! We need to stand firm on His promises! This is our faith and hope!

Are we not praying people? It is our duty; we ought to pray always, Jesus said! We sin if we neglect prayer! It is to be our constant work! We must never be weary in it!

Sometimes we feel our prayers, how many times we pray is difficult because we see no results! And unbelief creeps in, because when our prayers are not answered right away, we immediately throw away hope and all the intensity of prayer itself! But this shows where our faith is! But courage plays a big part in this. We must be patient in our faith and wait for God to act.

God does not always give us what we want right away! It is His timing and His way that we must trust in! You must pray persistently until you have an answer from God! Pray and trust God with all that is within you.

Ask God to increase your faith when you have doubts. Ask Him to give you a fresh understanding of His ways. Read the bible to see how He works! He does things that we can not understand in our finite minds. When you think He going to work in a certain way, He does the opposite! He is God almighty, maker of heaven and earth. By His word, everything came into being! He is sovereign and over all things!

Creation is before us all! There is no denying it! His presence is ever before us! God will not forsake His people! Give Him elbow room to work things out for you, according to His will for your life! Again, our delays are never denials, in heaven there is no confusion only plans!

Wait upon the Lord, salvation comes soon. Be persistent in your prayers like the widow. Eventually prayer will be answered in His time. Keep pushing! May God be glorified!!!

HAJ | on May 08, 2011

See, so dont grow weary. Hector also have another one about push that I love. God is not a man he will never lie to us. Patience is the answer. And in my case I still worry to much. I have to learn to let God work out the details not me

Eagerly Learning | on May 08, 2011

Sister, thank you for the encouragement.
I will keep praying for guidance, in His will, I will find mine. Good night:)

HAJ | on May 08, 2011

Where do you stay? I live in Chicago.....let me ask you something else, do you read rejoice ministries daily devotionals....I was just reading some of the old one's about are you ready for your spouse to come home? Maybe you should read them its helpful

Eagerly Learning | on May 08, 2011

Sorry for the late reply. I have been working late lately. I'm not from the US. I am from Singapore in Asia. No, I did not read the daily devotional material you mention. How have you been? I pray that God blessing hass keep you safe from harm, evil and trial. I pray that God grace will see you through whatever difficulty you may be experiencing. Amen.

HAJ | on May 10, 2011

So we're praying for each other all the way across the world...I haven't been doing so well. I told my husband last night I don't want to be together anymore and honestly I think I feel worst now than I do being with him. I'm just really confused and I know God told me to stick with it But It's hard. And I don't know if I have the strength. But I don't won't to disobey God either but I'm just so confused

Eagerly Learning | on May 11, 2011

Sister, I believe God has great plan for us.
You are betrayed by your husband.
I betrayed my husband.
You are trying to find the love and strength to forgive and reconcile, while he continue his old ways.
I have repented from my sins, and is praying for forgiveness and reconciliation.
We are living far apart, but we both are God fearing and God loving. We both are confused and hurt. We both have a strong desire to restore our marriages. We both have spouses who are self center.
The fact that we 'met' is not by coincident, I believe it is God that lead us to each other. When I feel like giving up, you encourage me. Likewise, when you are lost and dishearten, I'm here to support you. My sister, dont give up just yet. P.U.S.H. He will definitely provide. He will open the ways and straighten our path. Dont make any decision first. What is the hurry right? Take your time, pray about it. I will pray for you, which I do daily. I believe, He heard us. He will restore our marriages at His perfect timing. Bcos only He know when is the perfect moment. C, just hang on ok. Give yourself a break. Don't think about it. Just take one baby step at a time. Just pray. God bless you with peace. Amen.

HAJ | on May 11, 2011

I'm going to hang on to his promise. I have to change my way of thinking. Even tho I'm hurt I'm still thankful God still has us together so our children are not suffering, we are still supporting each other financially, and even tho he is wrong in what he doing he still is good to me. So I know once God do restore us it will be good. I was really hurt more because I thought God did restore us but I have hope again. Let's keep

Eagerly Learning | on May 11, 2011

Sister, it must be tough.
It must me heartbreaking and almost unbearable.
But be gentle in spirit. Be submissive. Be his wife as God commanded you to be. Sweep him over with your grace. Let him be attracted to your Christian love. Now he might not appreciate it, as he is overwhelmed by the temptation of the world. But, give him time, realize this is a weakness of his, pardon him. Accept him. Win him over by your love for God. Those who love God, God will provide for them, because they are known as the the children of God. Let us, continue to PUSH forward...

HAJ | on May 12, 2011

You arm so right. The scripture that keeps coming to my mind is, Wives don't you know your husbands might be saved because of that's what I have to focus on and hold on to God's promises. God don't make mistakes, his word says all things work out for the greater good... He put me in my husbands life for a reason. And he put him in my life for a reason. If this didn't happen I would not have a relationship with God and if I didn't have this personal relationship with Him I wouldn't be able to pray for my husbands salvation. Meaning if we weren't together or if I never found out about his affair, either of us would of came or come to known the Lord in such a way. So instead of crying, today I am rejoicing. God has open my eyes to this. So I can give up on my husband. Jesus don't give up on us. Jesus chose me for this job so I have to stand to the job is done. So today I have much hope. On the days I'm down please remind me of this. Thank you so much for keep encouraging me. Love you sister

Eagerly Learning | on May 12, 2011

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