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The Lord had blessed my husband and I with sooooo much so as we approach mothers day I wont pout or Salk about not being a mom(we've been trying for 3yrs) instead I'm gonna celebrate that although He hasn't given us a child yet... He blessed us with 4 beautiful nieces
AND 2 handsome nephews....We love Lord for all you do for us... We patiently wait on your time in your name Lord. Amen

by InJesusname

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I'm sure you will receive many prayers on your behalf for you to be blessed with a baby! How long have you been trying? I used to be IN the medical field and worked IN labor and delivery. And I worked with a midwife who also promoted homeopathic medicine, use of common sense of herbs and home remedies. She always preached to prepare your bodies( man and woman, both) at least 2 to 3 months before thinking of trying for conception. If you ate moderately healthy and no bad habits- no problem! Here's what advice we gave for couples having problems in conceiving:
1. Dont drink liquor.
2. Dont smoke.
3. Man is to wear boxer shorts.
4. Dont have sex any more than 3 times a week.
5. Woman to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Morning, noon -aft noon time, and after supper put 1Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in your glass/ cup of water. This is for Ph balance.
6. Both take 1 zinc tablet every day.
7. Both take Damiana, Saw Palmetto /Berries, Kelp,.
8. Man take Gota Kola.
Spread out the taking of the pills/ capsules ( don't take all at once. Dont drink the vinegar water at times you do the herbs . Take 2 HRS before Or After. Dont take any of them more than twice a day(other than the vinegar water). Get at least 7 to 8 HRS of sleep every night. If you have sex, don't go to bathroom for at least 45 min. to an hour after sex. Avoid stress. Once you find you are pregnant - stop the herbs/pills and vinegar water.
****discuss this regimen with your doctor before doing it.
If you get pregnant - let ME know, ok? Goodluck and GODSPEED! CAROL SUE

I Believe | on May 06, 2011

Thank you for prayer and comment .....doctors have informed me that im not see I have very long cycles.we've seen diff. dr's but its starting to be come very costy....its in my Lords hands so His will will be done

InJesusname | on May 06, 2011

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